Friday, January 7, 2011

Best Friends

They say it is better to have one really great friend that you know you can always count on than to have lots of casual friends.  I don't know about you, but for me it is true!  Lindsey Brennan and I met in 6th grade, right after I moved to Stillwater.  During the two years of middle school we slowly become better friends and spent more and more time together.  By 8th grade we were inseparable!  Despite going through some tough years of "growing pains" and living in different towns and even different states we have managed to maintain a 19 year friendship that compares to none other.  Even with marriages, children, school, and jobs we fit in a phone conversation (or two) every day.  We are now getting the opportunity to share the special experience of a pregnancy at the same time.  It is so nice to have someone to talk to about what is going on with your body and emotions who can really totally relate!

Since we moved from Oklahoma last year we have not been able to see Lindsey and her family too often.  But, last month Lindsey, her husband, Michael, and her daughter, Bailey, all flew in to visit us for an extended weekend!  We had a great time - although we didn't do much, but when you are with your best friend you don't need to do much!  We went out to a favorite local Mexican restaurant one night for dinner.  Afterward, Jeff and Michael had some "bonding time" at another little Mexican restaurants bar while the girls stayed home and ate ice cream!  Sunday night we had reservations at Ruth's Chris.  We were worried for a bit about being able to make it since we got a couple inches of snow that day.  By evening the roads were clear and we were able to go out for a very nice dinner while the boys stayed home with Aunt Amy and Gandi. 

Monday Jeff had to return to work.  The girls went to the mall for a quick trip while Michael stayed home and took a nap with the boys!  That evening I had to say a sad good bye to my best friend at the airport.  The only thing that made this good bye not quite as sad was knowing that I was going to be taking my turn to fly back to OK to see her and her newborn baby only 6 short weeks later!  I can't wait to make the trip which is now only 2 weeks away.  She has not had her baby yet, but is due before I get there.  I can't wait to see all of them again! 

Nothing beats the companionship of a best friend!  I have been very blessed!  I love you Lindsey!

(Of course I only ended up with one picture of us the whole weekend, but it is better than nothing!  Lindsey was 34 weeks and I was 17 weeks.)