Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm back!!

To blogging!
It has been a long, busy, productive, crazy, eventful, stressful, adventurous, and milestone filled month! And that is only talking about the boys! Not to mention I have been trying to fit in house work, working on my new store, tagging items for the TMOM garage sale, having family in town 3 times, going out of town once, and compiling my TMOM newsletter!

So many exciting things have happened I am sure I won't even remember them all - but, I will give it a shot!

Labor Day weekend Ashton finally made the switch to walking full time! So now, that makes two wild toddlers walking around my house, getting into everything, opening doors and cabinets, emptying drawers, pulling all the books off the shelves.....and I'm loving every minute of it! (Well...almost every minute!)
Although the boys have not added a lot of new words to their vocabulary, they are understanding soooo much language now. We are already to the "spelling" stage with certain words! They follow many commands and point out most body parts and many household items. Ayden's first sentence is "What's that?" and if he says it once a day, he says it 200! Over and over all day long we hear, "What's that?", "What's that?"! Yes, it gets old, but he and Ashton are learning a lot because of it! How many 17 month old's can find the "alarm keypad" in a home? My boys certainly can! We make a point of telling them the real words for things instead of "baby talk".
The boys love their wooden shape sorter lately. The both started out just putting the shapes in the side, basically cheating! Slowly they learned that the circle was blue and it was the easiest to fit in. They would do it over and over and over. Luckily there are two of each shape! :) Now, Adyen is also very proficient at the semicircle and the plus sign. I am not sure what age this is normal, but this seems pretty advanced to me!
Such intense looks!
It takes a lot of concentration!
Ashton began giving high fives to his Daddy before he could even sit up on his own! Now, Ayden has decided to join in on the high five's! I took his hand and made him give me a high five every time he put a shape in the sorter toy. He never would do it on his own though. A couple days later Grandma Kitsmiller was here visiting and he gave her plenty of high five's without hesitation! Guess I was just too boring for him!
Ashton and Ayden were both resistant to clapping until just last weekend! Can you believe that? Our boys were 17 months old when they clapped for the first time!? Better late than never I suppose! It wasn't as if they had never heard or seen clapping. We even made their hands clap more times than I can count! But, again, it just took a grandma to get the job done. Last Friday morning Grandma Adams and Gigi where here. Gigi was playing with Ayden and the sorting toy (again! - he loves it!) and she would clap and cheer every time he got one in. Then, one time he put his hands together once. Of course, as I saw this I mentioned that they were not clapping yet. The next one he got in he clapped twice. Then, the next one he clapped about 5 times! That was all it took! He was clapping the rest of the day. I worked a few hours during the day setting up for the TMOM garage sale and then Jeff and I shopped during the member's only shopping time in the evening. When we got home Grandma and Gigi told us that Ashton had started clapping while we were gone! He, too, is clapping all the time now!
This month we went to the zoo twice, a couple library story times, multiple parks, Incredible Pizza and more! The boys are loving getting out to explore and learn! They still hate shopping though! :(
First time riding in the Sam's double cart!

This is what Ashton did while the lady at Hobby Lobby cut my fabrics!

Ashton petting the sheep.
Ayden petting the sheep.
Ayden playing in the ground covering at a park. It was fine pebbles, like sand, only better!

Ashton in the pebbles.

Checking out their new kitchen!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

3..2..1...and the ribbon is cut!

So it is official...my new business venture is well underway! I have started a hyena cart store selling baby and children's items called Unique Baby Boutique! To read more about it and to check out the store for yourself visit these locations:
Unique Baby Boutique on Hyena Cart - www.hyenacart.com/uniquebabyboutique
Unique Baby Boutique Blog - www.uniquebabyboutiqueblog.blogspot.com

It was a poopy kinda day!

Jeff took one of his furlow days from work yesterday and spent some time playing with his boys and working from home. Before nap we each changed a boy before reading to them and putting them in their cribs. When we went to get them up we were greeted with the most wretched smell ever! Ashton had poo on his legs, face, fingers, sheets, crib, floor....it was gross! To make this episode even worse - we had basil pesto chicken for dinner the night before!! Ashton was terribly upset by all of this and was mad at me the entire time I worked to get him cleaned up and changed. As I was cleaning him up I noticed that the leg snap of his diaper was undone! There is no way Ashton can get those snaps undone...daddy was the one that changed Ashton...I will leave it at that! I noticed all evening he still seemed to smell like poo, I just thought it was in my head, until I found a chunk in the back of his hair! UUGGHHH - no wonder!! Before bed we did our normal bath routine (and I made sure to get the poop clump out this time!) and as we finished I called for daddy to come help with his part of the nightly routine. As he was coming Ayden was "passing gas" and laughing at the sound it made while sitting in the bathtub full of water! I, too, laughed at his silly expressions, until....I saw him lean ever so slightly forward and his eyes get a little glassy - that means only one thing for dear Ayden! I told Jeff to hurry and I picked up Ashton and handed him over to daddy before the water got infested! Ayden thought he was missing out on something and quickly jumped up from the water leaving several "patties" behind! As he waded around he proceeded to step on a piece smooching it into the grooved mat placed in the tub to prevent slipping - great even more to clean up! I got him cleaned up and into the nursery to get dressed. This time daddy got the privilege of cleaning up! We sure have had our share of poopy experiences lately! I can't wait until they are potty trained!

I did not take any pictures of our incidents yesterday but these are from one of our other many incidents. These were taken the week of their first birthday. I wasn't even sure who had pooped because it was all over both of them, the floor and the table!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Parks, playdates and, of course, family!

Last week brought about a huge change at the Kitsmiller house! We finally took the leap and went to one nap a day. I have been dreading this and looking forward to it at the same time. I dreaded it because the morning nap was my time to shower and get ready. Also, I didn't really think Ashton was ready for only one nap, and he is not a happy camper without his sleep! I was looking forward to it because it means more time for me to spend with my boys and more freedom to get out and do things! Let me tell you...we have taken full advantage of this time. Last week we went on two walks, had two playdates, went to 3 parks, and attended storytime at the library! We had lots of fun and Ashton did well with the transition. This transition also means the boys will be dropping a nursing session, since they use to nap when they woke up from this nap. As long as they are occupied they don't think about it. But, two days I layed down on the pillow I use for my head while we nurse and they thought it was time, so that nursing session is not quite gone, but almost. Ashton loved all the parks and was his usual independent self. Ayden on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with them and just wanted to be held the whole time! Jeff had a lot to do this weekend so the boys and I loaded up and took a little trip to Stillwater. We saw my sister, Kimberly, and the boys' cousins. They had a great time playing while I got my hair highlighted! Next we went to see my sister Vicke. The boys loved exploring EVERYTHING at her house! We even got a surprise visit from another cousin, Angel, who made a last minute trip through Oklahoma from Texas. Sunday afternoon while the boys napped I went to Mexico Joe's for an OMOMS (Oklahoma Moms of Multiples) meeting. Afterwards we said good bye to everyone and headed home to Daddy!
Ashton loves to climb!
The only thing Ayden liked was the swings. Of couse, only one of the three parks we went to had a swing!
Helping mommy pack!
Ayden and cousin Colton playing cars.
Ashton didn't quite understand the "sit" part of "Sit and Spin"!
Riding the bike at Aunt Vickes!
These boys LOVE their books! They spend about 75% of their playtime each day with books!

My Dan Zanes wannabe's!

Sorry the quality of the pictures is so bad! I have been using my iphone for pics a lot lately and it just isn't the same!