Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Drip, drip, bubble!?

That is what the boys noses have looked like since the weekend! They both had a clear runny nose this weekend, which we attributed to teething. By the beginning of the week I had a runny nose and sore throat. Now today Jeff has a sore throat as well. Hmmm...maybe the runny noses are not teething related?! They don't seem to have any other symptoms, but the runny noses have turned to snooty noses! I thought it was fake when the boy in the movie The Sandlot blew a bubble of snot from his nose. Let me tell you, it really is possible! I have seen them come from both Ashton and Ayden this week! Trust me, a little snot is not keeping them down!

They always seem to want the same toy lately. I am sure this will not be ending anytime soon!

Ashton is using his new skills! He loves to get into the books.

Ayden is still perfecting his crawling skills. He loves balls.

It has been very cold and icy here so we have not ventured out of the house for awhile. This is what our back porch looked like this afternoon, a day after the ice/sleet/snow mixture quit falling. I am ready for spring to arrive!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Up, Up...and away?

Ashton learned to pull up this weekend! I knew he was close when I saw him reaching his hand up on the sides of the pack n play the last couple weeks. I have been watching him closely since we still had the pack n play in the bassinet/changing area location. Sunday he woke up from nap and I wanted him to go back to sleep, but I did not want him to wake up Ayden so I put him in the pack n play. I kept checking on him, just in case. After about 15 minutes I found him on his knees with his hands tightly griping the sides! I was so freaked out I didn't even get a picture! Then, just before bedtime I was laying on my side on the floor and Ashton did the same move again on my calf's. I lifted my top leg, just to see what he would do, and he proceeded to climb up onto his feet! I couldn't believe it! He is getting to be such a big boy! Now that he knows what to do he is trying to pull up on everything! It's scary to think that he will be cruising shortly! What happened to my helpless little 5 lb baby!

He pulled up onto the jungle Monday morning. He probably could have gone all the way to his feet but there was a book in his way.

Monday night he pulled up onto his knees on this workbench toy. Then he wanted to get all the way up, but the toy was too low, so he did a push up and went head first over the toy! Next to me, this is his favorite toy to climb on. Now when he pulls up to his knees beside me he think he can just let go! I have to be ready to catch him, his knees are a little wobbly sometimes!

Ashton already hates the baby gate! He tried to figure it out for a few days. Now, he just goes up to it and cries!

Well, off to do more baby proofing!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

9 months already?!

Wow!! Time sure does fly! I can't believe it was nine months ago today that I first laid eyes on my precious baby boys for the first time!

We had a great nine month checkup with the pediatrician yesterday. No shots always equals a good visit in our book! We did find out that the boys both have a little eczema. Nothing major, we just need to apply an over the counter cream. Ashton and Ayden have changed so much in the past few months. They are not only eating solids now, but are also loving finger foods. Both boys are enjoying their new freedom of movement! We are now taking baths in the big bath tub and trying out bath toys. Lately, the boys have both began nursing a lot faster so I am enjoying being able to feed them one at a time more often. The boys have had a major growth spurt causing us to nearly skip size 2 diapers and a lot of 6-9 month clothes are quickly looking very small. I have been using sign language with the boys for about a month now. They can't do the signs back yet but I am hoping it will help with our communication down the road. Ashton and Ayden are becoming much more aware of each other recently. When they do nurse together they often stop and look at each other and laugh! The thing that makes both boys laugh and smile the most is when we put them on top of each other! It is the funniest thing to watch - I should get that on video and post it. Maybe next week! My boys are also both extremely ticklish! I love to hear their silly laughs when I tickle their little thighs, ribs, wherever! During the last month both boys have started to cry/get upset if we take something from them or move them from something they wanted. Of course, we are only doing this to keep them safe but they don't know that yet! I never thought "temper tantrums" would start this early! They are both starting to respond to "no/stop", maybe this will help with this situation. Our boys are now great sleepers! They sleep 12 hours at night (7:30am-7:30pm), and take two naps sleeping between 2-4 hours total.


This boy is a mover! He began scooting very early and is now loving being able to crawl. We are putting up a new baby gate tomorrow to keep him safe! Jeff calls him our "Little Engineer" because he is very intense and seems to always be trying to figure out how things work. During the last week Ashton has learned how to crawl up me, getting into a kneeling position, while I sit on the floor. This is one of those things that just melts my heart! Ashton loves books, playing with them and having them read to him. He literally squeals with excitement while I read! Recently, Ashton has decided he does not need to lay on his back for a diaper change. Therefore, I have had to get creative, or risk a big mess! Ashton learned how to blow raspberries about a month ago but this week it is one of his favorite things to do.

The stats:
Weight-16lbs 15oz. (3%)
Height-28in. (50%)
Head - 46cm (75%)


I think the boy has a future in radio, tv, sportscasting,...something talking! He can talk all day and make all kinds of sounds, but do you think he can say "mama" - of course not! I am happy to report Ayden has become a very happy baby in the last couple of months. He thinks everything and everybody is funny. If you laugh, he laughs too! This week his new thing is too stick his tongue all the way out while laughing! Ayden is also very interested in Ashton. He watches him a lot and tries to hold his hand in the stroller or in their high chairs. Ayden loves to sit. He just started trying to crawl this week because he would rather roll or sit! Ayden has always been a little bit "needy" (ok, so maybe the term "little" is an understatement), but now he is starting to have some separation anxiety when I leave the room. It doesn't happen all the time, hopefully it is just a passing phase. Ayden is such a lover! He loves to cuddle and give kisses!

The stats:
Weight-18lbs 13oz. (25%)
Height-28.5in (65%)
Head-45.5cm (50%)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Participating in history

As you can see the boys are true Obama fans! We spent this historic day keeping an eye on the inauguration coverage. Obama has a huge job ahead of him, but I have confidence in him. Having said that, I personally don't expect huge changes in the near future. We are in a "big mess" right now and it will take a lot of time and a lot of people to get it "cleaned up"! Now it is time for us as a nation to work together, supporting our new leader, to move forward!

It was also a historic day in my last birthday as a "twenty something"! Jeff brought home dinner from my favorite local Mexican restaurant! I also got a panini maker...well, a picture of one! Now I have to find the "perfect" one, that is proving to be more difficult than I would have anticipated.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bath Time Fun...not so much!

The boys have now outgrown their "baby" bath we use in the kitchen sink. We ordered some new bath seats which arrived today. We were so anxious to use them that Jeff set them up after dinner. We figured there would be some adjustment time, but we were not prepared for the terrorizing screams that only ceased when we took them out of the bathtub! It was TERRIBLE! I felt awful the entire time! We decided to change up our strategy for the next few nights in hopes that they adjust to this new bathtime location.
**update** Things are going much better now and the boys are actually enjoying their new found freedom in the big tub! Now, if I only had a bigger bathroom and bathtub!
Ayden outgrowing the old tub.
Ayden is red from screaming! He cried and chewed on the toy at the same time!
Laid back Ashton in the old tub.
Ashton crying during his bath!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Self feeding

We began working on self feeding with "puffs" a few weeks ago. It started slow but the boys both loved it. Last week I began dicing some of their food I prepare, instead of pureeing it. Last week we did peaches, carrots, bread and baked sweet potato fries. The peaches and carrots where a little slimy and hard to hold on to, but the fries and bread went great. So, this week, Ashton thinks he is a pro and that he no longer needs to be fed by spoon! I now have to give him finger foods on his tray and slip the spoon in his mouth in between bites! Because they are NOT pros yet I am still making pureed baby foods, although I have started making them thicker and chunkier. They do great with this type of food also. I guess what it really boils down to is: These boys love their food: boobie, bread, broccoli, bring it on! (Speaking of broccoli - Ayden's poor bum did not agree with broccoli! Neither of the boys have ever really had a diaper rash but the broccoli sure did make Ayden pink! I guess we will wait a while before we try it again!)

Ayden lovin' his diced carrots!

Ashton gettin' down and dirty with peaches, prunes and anything else he could get his hands on!

Ayden and Ashton have started trying to hold hands while eating! So precious!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Unexpected doctor's visit

This all started the weekend the boys turned 6 months old, in October. They got their shots on Friday at their check up and we went to Grandma and Grandpa's afterwards for the weekend. The next morning when I changed Ayden he had a spot on the back of his left leg. The spot was purplish, hard and sort of linear shaped going across the back of his thigh. It was more of a whelp than a sore but you could see a tiny little spot in the center. We showed it to the doctor a couple weeks after it appeared and he said to keep an eye on it and come in if it changed or caused him problems. The spot has not really changed much in the past two and a half months. A few days ago it started to change, it got a circle in the center. Yesterday afternoon when I put Ayden on the changing table I noticed the spot was oozing thick yellowish-orange puss! I tried wiping it away and more came out. I tried to squeeze it out but that made Ayden REALLY mad! After the puss came a little blood and then you could see a tiny little hole in the middle of this spot. As I continued to change him the puss lightened up and turned a little more clear. I put a band aid on it to keep the puss off his clothes and put the boys in their car seats. We were already going in to town to visit my old school. I called the doctors office once we got in the car and I got an appointment for a couple hours later. After visiting with my old co workers and some former students and their families, we headed to the doctors' office. The doctor tried to squeeze some puss out also, again, Ayden got REALLY mad. I don't think he really knew exactly what to say. He told me he thought it had been a spider bite (what I thought from the beginning), and that for some reason it had a hard time healing. For some reason recently it had got infected and was now pussing. He gave us some antibiotic ointment to put on the spot twice a day for five days to clear up the infection. We already had an appointment in about two weeks for their nine month check up so he will look at it again at that time. The spot is already looking better, it is still purplish but it is not swollen or hard anymore. I hope it continues to clear up and doesn't cause him any more problems! On a side note, my little man continues to put on the pounds! They weighed him, with his sweater and shoes on, and he was exactly 19 lbs! What can I say, the boy loves his boobie and his food!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"You do know there's two in there, right?!"

These are the words we heard one year ago today! I can't believe it has already been one year! I was 20 weeks pregnant and had just felt movement for the first time, from what we would find out later was Ayden (imagine that!). We had joked so much about twins, but never in my wildest dreams would I have really expected it! We both just looked at the screen with big eyes when, even to the untrained professional, we saw what could only be two heads! I have to say that this was one of the most emotional days of my life. I was so excited to finally find out what we were having, later I was amazed that we were having twins and then finally I became scared of their health, my health and our finances! It was a roller coaster of a day - but one I would not change (expect for maybe moving it up a couple months)!

This is a picture of me about a week later at 21 weeks 2 days pregnant.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spliting them up

Last night I went to my TMOM (Tulsa Moms of Multiples) meeting and I only took Ashton. This was the first time we had ever split up the boys. I choose Ashton because Ayden really needs his sleep and I did not want to mess up his routine. The meeting starts at 6:30 and that is when we usually start baths. I left with Ashton a little after 6:00pm leaving Daddy alone with Ayden for the first time. Jeff also performed his first solo bath while we were away! We all had a great time with no problems! It was a strange feeling to only have one baby! I didn't have to worry about finding a parking place where I could get both doors open all the way, no double stroller to lug out, no juggling babies about and working up a sweat! I guess that sounds nice...but, it really was a little sad! I missed my "Ayden Baby"! I am sure as time goes by that we will do this more, but I am still not ready to be away from my babies too much just yet!

Daddy and Ayden "bachin" it up"!
(No picture of Ashton and I. I never get any pictures because I always seem to be the one taking them!)

Weaning....the pacificer that is!

We always said we would not have pacifier babies. We don't want 5 year olds still walking around with a pacifier in their mouths. We got some to have in case they "needed" them. Well, we got to a point we thought they needed them, but they would not take them. Ayden never did take to any pacifier (he prefers the "real thing"!). Somewhere around 3 months I bought a new kind that Ashton decided he liked. About 5 months he decided he needed it to go to sleep. By 6 months he was wanting it more often and I quickly wished we would have never tried them at all! So, we started weaning it except for nap time and bedtime. I am now at a point that I feel like we need to take it away. I think it will be easier now than it will be later. Yesterday I put him down for both naps without it. He did not like it, but he did go to sleep! At bedtime I gave it to him because Ayden was already asleep and I did not want Ashton to wake him up. Today he also took both naps without it, again not real happy about it! I was going to put off taking it away at bedtime but I decided we would just go for it. So, he is now asleep at bedtime for the first time in months without the pacifier! I hope he adjusts quickly and he can have the pacifier gone for good by the end of the month!

So long stinky binky!!

Update: Could it really be this easy?! Today... morning nap - no crying, afternoon nap - less than 5 minutes of light fussing, bedtime - nothing!! We may be pacifier free is one week instead of one month!

Update #2: Well, I guess it really was that easy!! It has been a whole week since Ashton has cried for the pacifier. It is so peaceful at night now that both boys go to bed without crying! Believe it or not, Ashton is actually sleeping better now! He use to wake up at least once each night wanting the pacifier and now he never wakes during the night!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Picture Junkie

My name is Darla and I can't quit taking pictures!

I have always loved pictures, but since the boys were born it has gotten a little crazy! As if it weren't bad enough...we got a new camera. Now I am really a full blown addict!! This is a Nikon with a Single Lens Reflex. So I can just snap picture after picture! I can easily take 50 pictures a day, and that is a boring day! Here are a few of my favorites! ( maybe more than a few!)

More Milestones!

We have had a couple "wonder weeks" around here!

Ayden got his first tooth on Friday, December 19th so quickly and pain free, but this second tooth has not been so quick or pain free! After several cranky days and Motrin nights his second tooth finally broke all the way through on Friday, January 2nd. Then on Saturday Daddy and I were in the kitchen making baby food and washing dishes. We were watching the boys through the archway to the living room as they played with all their new toys. We had put them both on their tummies and all of a sudden Jeff looked up to see Ayden sitting next to their new house! We went in to celebrate and take pictures and he looked so proud as if he knew he had done something exciting! I was so bummed I did not get to see him tackle this new milestone for the first time! Later we put them down for their afternoon nap and after about 45 minutes Ashton woke up and made some noise waking Ayden up. Ayden started to get really upset so I peeked in to see him sitting in his crib with his head between his legs. I guess in his half asleep state he sat up and did not know how to lay back down! Poor baby! I laid him down and they both went back to sleep. Of course, he did not do it yesterday so I have yet to see how he is getting into the sitting position.

Ayden is showing off his two new teeth!

This was the picture taken right after Ayden got into the sitting position on his own for the first time.

Ashton has been very mobile and rocking for a couple of months now, but just before Christmas started to do a crawl that at least somewhat resembled a military crawl. He would reach out with his right arm and push with his right leg, letting his left arm and leg drag! It was very funny to watch! Overnight he began doing a traditional crawl on Wednesday, December 31st. Since them he has been exploring the entire living room, especially the fireplace! Now we are trying to figure out round #2 of baby proofing!

Now that Ashton is crawling he finds everything left on the floor. As if he didn't have enough toys, he thinks he needs to take Jada's too! Yuck! She's not sure what to think of the boys with all these new changes.

Aunt Vicke and her dog/baby Wilma came to visit us for New Year's and Ashton and Wilma were intriqued by each other!

I am loving this age so much! They change each week and are learning so much! I look forward to one week more than the next anticipating what they will be doing next.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A real date!!

That's right! Jeff and I went on our first real date since before the boys were born! Friday night Grandma and Poppa Adams happily volunteered to babysit the boys while we went out. I was a little nervous leaving the boys for the first time with someone else to take care of bedtime. But, we really needed a night out, so even though Ayden has had a rough week of teething we decided to go for it. We went to an early dinner downtown at Baxter's Interurban Grill. We each had a great steak dinner and I even splurged and had a margarita! After dinner I had to pump in the car - real romantic huh?! Then we headed down the street to our first visit at the new BOK center to see the Dancing with the Stars tour show. We didn't see a lot of the show this season, we had a few more important things going on, but Jeff had recieved free tickets from work so we didn't complain. It was a great show and it was so nice to get dressed up and not smell like spit up! The boys did great with the grandparents and didn't give them any trouble so, we just might have to do it again soon!
Before the show
Derek Hough!!
Jeff's fav Cheryl Burke