Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Introducing...Kitsmiller 3.0!!

Well, we moved into a bigger house, got a huge dining room table and have Ashton and Ayden potty trained...so we decided it was time to add another baby to the mix!

Yes, some days I wonder if I am crazy and can't comprehend what life will be like in a few short months but, most days we are over the moon with excitement about adding another little one to our family!  We liked the spring so much for the boys that we decided to do a repeat performance, and this babies due date is the day ofter the boys' due date. The due date is May 24th, making me 14 weeks today.

We were a little scared of having a total repeat performance of last time with a surprise second baby so we made sure to let our new doctor know that we wanted an ultra sound as soon as possible.  I had my first appointment with ultrasound at 5 weeks and 6 days and we saw one healthy beautiful bean baby.  Of course, we were still not 100% convinced, and we loved getting a picture of our little one, so we had another ultra sound at 10 weeks 6 days and again, we saw one healthy beautiful baby measuring about 4 days ahead even!

So, I had my third appointment Monday at 13 weeks 6 days and we saw this amazing site:

< picture removed >
This u/s picture I used from the internet was attracting way too much traffic to my blog and I thought it might be for the wrong reasons so I have removed it! :)

Looks like we will remain on Team Blue!
OK, so I confess that this is not the actual picture from our ultrasound! :)  But, this is pretty much what we saw!  The doctor had just finished telling me that we probably wouldn't see anything until next month.  I told him to go ahead and take a peek for me!  He was shocked that at 13 weeks and 6 days the sex was so...obvious!  He told me to tell Jeff that he makes some big "penised" boys!  We were both so in shock that he forgot to take a picture of the ultrasound!  Afterward, I was suppose to pee in a cup and I was so distracted that I just sat right there beside the cup and peed, forgetting all about what I was suppose to be doing!  Oh, well!  They'll just have to wait until next month!

So far I have been feeling pretty good.  Mostly just tired and unmotivated...wait...maybe that is because I have two 2.5 year old boys to take care of every day! :)  I did feel bad pretty much all day and all night from about weeks 6-9.  Although I never actually got sick.  After that I had a few weeks of needing to eat regular snacks or I would feel nauseous.  Now, I am feeling great and looking forward to an uneventful second trimester.

I have a great doctor who is very supportive of my desire to have a vaginal birth after Cesarean section (vbac).  I want this experience to be different than the (necessary) medical interventions required with the boys' birth.  I had high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, and baby A was breech.  I really want a very natural birth experience this time - hopefully my body and the baby cooperate!

So far I have gained about 4 pounds, but I just look like I ate too many doughnuts (or maybe ice cream in my case!).  It is all in my belly though.  Strangers still can't recognize I am pregnant but that didn't happen until about 18 weeks with the boys. Hopefully, I start rounding out soon so that I actually look pregnant.

I will continue to update about me and the baby here on our blog.  Speaking of which, I guess we will be changing the name soon! ;)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two...and a HALF!

I am getting caught up! :)  About two weeks ago, on Friday, October 22nd we celebrated the boys' half birthday.  Since they already have to share a birthday I thought we would go out of our way to celebrate this halfway milestone to make them feel a little more special.  Right now they just think it is fun, as they get older I think they may appreciate it in a different way.

We spent the morning making a pumpkin pound cake together.  I don't let them help me in the kitchen too much so this was a real treat for all three of us.  They did pretty well, even with all the temptations!  It was really hard for them to wait to try the cake until daddy got home, but they did!  We ate one of their favorites for dinner, Sloppy Joes in a Biscuit Bowl and after dinner they each got a half a cake and we sang "Happy Half Birthday".  It was a great ending to a great day!  Ashton and Ayden both now tell people that they are "two half"! :)

 Mommy's little bakers
 Two pumpkin pound cakes (one went in the freezer for mommy later)
 Ashton's cake
 Ayden's cake
Ashton enjoying his cake!
Ayden enjoying his cake!

Halloween 2010

This stage/age has proven to be just as exciting as the last!  (Ok, maybe a little more!)  Ashton and Ayden are now to the age where they are really able to understand and get into the holidays! 

They weren't really into picking out a costume so I decided, kind of at the last minute, to dress them as a pair of dice.  It turned out great and, as always, they looked incredibly cute!

We first wore the costumes to school on Wednesday.  It was a good practice or dress rehearsal for them!  Ayden kept saying "NO LIKE!" and trying to take the box off at first.  A little sweet talking from mommy got him to leave it on for a little while though! ;)

 Friday night we went to Aunt Amy's church for Trunk or Treat.  Nanny and Papa met us there and the boys had a great time filling their pumpkins with treats.  Once home we let them have some of the treats including graham crackers and a rice krispie treat.  For these boys who don't get much sugar this was enough to keep them talking and giggling in their cribs for more than an hour past their bedtime!

Sunday we decided we would take the boys to a few houses on our street to keep alive the nastagalia of Halloween.  We were disappointed to find that very few houses in our 1,400 home neighborhood with lots of kids, were passing out candy!  We ended up going further than we intended around the neighborhood, but the boys had a blast!  Ayden, who is generally talkative, was pretty silent and was putting on his shy act all evening.  Ashton was talking up a storm though!  He said "trick or treat" and "thank you" at every house.  After going to a couple houses Ashton really had the idea and as soon as he got his treat he would say "another house!".  We would have to remind him to say thank you but he still sometimes said "another house"!  It was a little embarrassing, but very cute too!  We returned home to a pot of hot chicken enchilada soup on the stove top!  But, the boys wanted to check out their "treats".  Jeff let them split a fun size kit kat and they were in heaven - their first experience with candy!  After dinner we let them split one more of these kit kats.  So, they each had the equivalent of one fun size candy bar by the end of the evening.  Yes, again we had some talkative toddlers when bedtime came.  We listened to them chatter and giggle until long past their bedtime again!  I think it was a combination of excitement and sugar!  It was a memorable Halloween for sure!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Better late than never...2010 Family Pictures!

So, obviously I am still behind from our big summer of looking at houses and moving!  But, I didn't want to leave out these important pictures since this blog is also a sort of baby/scrap book for the boys growing up!

We had these pictures taken in downtown St. Louis in June, just after the boys turned 2.