Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Workin' the runway!!

That's right! My handsome little men got their first opportunity to strut their stuff on the runway and the red carpet this weekend during their first fashion show! A local cloth diapering store called Cotton Babies hosted a birthday party with the fashion show, a hair and nail salon, a radio station dj, great free giveaways, a story time, paparazzi, red carpet and, of course, cake and punch! The birthday party was for the owners daughter who was having her first birthday! I was lucky enough to be in the first 10 callers after receiving the email newsletter they sent out a couple weeks ago. It was a neat idea and we had a great time!

The boys wore Kimono style one piece outfits that were so soft and silky! They were made from soy fiber! We did not get to keep the outfits, but we did get a $25 gift certificate for each boy to spend in the store anytime in the next year. That will buy several diapers! ;)

Story Time
Daddy and Ayden
Daddy and his boys
Workin' the catwalk!
The "red carpet"
Ashton found a cute girl to flirt with!
Sitting on the red carpet before getting started
Ayden checking out Daddy's camera.
Ashton's not so sure about Daddy!
Mommy is trying to keep the boys entertained!

As you can see they walked the red carpet fine. The step to get onto the stage was really big so that was a little tricky. Ashton was enjoying being center stage and was not ready to give up his place! Hope you enjoy our first video to be posted on this blog. Hopefully we will have many more to come!


  1. aww they are so cute, I miss them (and you). They did such a good job, not shy at all!

  2. Ashton didn't want to leave the stage...how cute!!