Monday, May 24, 2010

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?!

Errr...Ashton and Ayden, how does your garden grow? WELL, it grows much better when you don't have 4 baby bunnies living in your back yard!

A couple weeks ago we went back to Oklahoma to empty out our house (phase 5 of our move if you are counting!). Afterward, the boys and I stayed in Grove to visit with Nana, Papa and Gigi while Jeff drove the moving truck back to MO and unloaded it at yet another storage unit. After a few days in OK we made our way back to MO. I was so excited to get home to see baby bunnies hopping around in our backyard! I WAS excited, until I saw that our first red strawberry was nibbled on and half gone!! After closer inspection I saw that even all the white strawberries where nibbled on! I was so disappointed! BUT, the bunnies are SOOO cute that I can't even get too mad! I am not sure what happened to our tomatoes, but the plants had disappeared all the way down to the soil. I don't know if this is a result of the rabbits or some other "hunter" but, no homegrown tomatoes for us this year.

Ashton and Ayden love watering their flowers, herbs, fruits and veggies each day! I got them some small watering cans so they can do it with less assistance now. Now we anxiously await the day we can start eating from our garden. OH, better yet! We anxiously await the day we can plant our "garden" in our very own home garden instead of our make shift/temporary garden! Hopefully I can update more on that later, but I will wait until I have more solid information to share! ;)

Ashton watering the growing garden
Tomatoes - GONE!
This couldn't have tasted good - guess that is why they didn't finish it!
Can you see the bunny? On the left corner of the grass, by the patio and flower bed. (click to see the larger view)
So sad! :(

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