Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween 2010

This stage/age has proven to be just as exciting as the last!  (Ok, maybe a little more!)  Ashton and Ayden are now to the age where they are really able to understand and get into the holidays! 

They weren't really into picking out a costume so I decided, kind of at the last minute, to dress them as a pair of dice.  It turned out great and, as always, they looked incredibly cute!

We first wore the costumes to school on Wednesday.  It was a good practice or dress rehearsal for them!  Ayden kept saying "NO LIKE!" and trying to take the box off at first.  A little sweet talking from mommy got him to leave it on for a little while though! ;)

 Friday night we went to Aunt Amy's church for Trunk or Treat.  Nanny and Papa met us there and the boys had a great time filling their pumpkins with treats.  Once home we let them have some of the treats including graham crackers and a rice krispie treat.  For these boys who don't get much sugar this was enough to keep them talking and giggling in their cribs for more than an hour past their bedtime!

Sunday we decided we would take the boys to a few houses on our street to keep alive the nastagalia of Halloween.  We were disappointed to find that very few houses in our 1,400 home neighborhood with lots of kids, were passing out candy!  We ended up going further than we intended around the neighborhood, but the boys had a blast!  Ayden, who is generally talkative, was pretty silent and was putting on his shy act all evening.  Ashton was talking up a storm though!  He said "trick or treat" and "thank you" at every house.  After going to a couple houses Ashton really had the idea and as soon as he got his treat he would say "another house!".  We would have to remind him to say thank you but he still sometimes said "another house"!  It was a little embarrassing, but very cute too!  We returned home to a pot of hot chicken enchilada soup on the stove top!  But, the boys wanted to check out their "treats".  Jeff let them split a fun size kit kat and they were in heaven - their first experience with candy!  After dinner we let them split one more of these kit kats.  So, they each had the equivalent of one fun size candy bar by the end of the evening.  Yes, again we had some talkative toddlers when bedtime came.  We listened to them chatter and giggle until long past their bedtime again!  I think it was a combination of excitement and sugar!  It was a memorable Halloween for sure!

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