Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mary Kay, Rainbow Girls, and blood!

Well, two busy March weekends down, two to go! On Saturday the boys and I headed off to a camp near Guthrie where I was presenting a Mary Kay skin care and make up presentation to about 85 Rainbow girls participating in a leadership workshop. We left when it was time for their morning nap and it took us about two hours to get there. I got there early to nurse the boys, feed them lunch and get set up - I guess I should have arrived even earlier because I felt very rushed! I am a majority member of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls so I was among old friends and it was hard not to visit! Many of the people there had never met the boys so they were a big hit, of course! The presentation went great and the boys did pretty good with their "babysitters". Ayden, "M.B." (Momma's Boy), wasn't so sure about being around all the strangers, but as you can see he did find someone he liked!

He went from this.....

to no time!

Checking out the girl!

The theme for the weekend involved Mardi Gras and, since the boys are teething, they loved chewing on all the chunky beads. I was finished just in time to load up the boys in the car and drive home during their afternoon nap. Daddy had run some errands and gone grocery shopping while we were gone and was ready and waiting when we returned home.

Sunday "Aunt" Lindsey came over and visited us for the afternoon. While she was here Ashton was showing off his skills and feel hitting his mouth on the base of the couch. When I picked him up I saw a mom's worst nightmare - BLOOD was coming from his mouth! This was the first time either of my boys have bleed, with the excepting of shots! I don't know if his new little bottom tooth cut his upper gums or if his upper gums hit the base of the couch, but his upper gums were bleeding pretty good for a little bit. He seems to be okay now - poor boy!

Now, we are planning for our third crazy March weekend!

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