Monday, March 9, 2009

Double the Laughs

"Brotherly Love"

I have been really bad about updating about the boys for the last few weeks. We have been really busy and the boys are learning lots! They just seem to get funnier every day! March is the busiest month we have had since before the boys were born. We are a little nervous about everything we have planned, but I am sure in the end it will all turn out great. We have started trying to get the boys on more table foods. It is not going great, but we are getting there. They are now eating the same time we are and we are doing a combination of homemade baby food (pureed/chunky), fruit/veggies as a finger food, and a little of what we are eating. They are also currently enjoying taking more walks in this nice spring weather we have been having and splashing around in the bathtub! We are not sure if it is the time change or teething, but bedtime has been a little rough this week! We had a visit from all the grandma's this week. Jeff's mom, Grandma Kitsmiller was here Friday through Sunday. We had a great time playing, shopping and eating Mexican! My mom and grandma,Grandma Adams and GG (great-grandma), were here Sunday evening and Monday morning. We also had a great time shopping and eating! (Notice a trend...) Sorry, no pictures, I was too busy to take pictures this time! We are also in the midst of planning the boys first birthday celebration! Can you believe it has been almost a year already?!

Mommy's little helpers!

They play together a lot and love to wrestle! When we are on the floor with them they climb up us, over us, under us... We are their favorite toy!

This is a newly introduced toy. Ashton, of course, loved it from the moment we put it down!

Ayden, on the other hand, was not so sure about this new contraption! It has taken him 3 weeks, but he did finally crawl through without any coaxing!

Ashton is now pulling up on EVERYTHING! Thankfully, he is learning to get down a little more gracefully! We have had more than our quota of bruises for this month! Last week he even began transferring between the table, couch and our legs, as well as cruising along the couch and table! I am not sure I am ready for all this, but I guess it's too late now! Daddy taught him how to take the lid off the basketball shaped toy box this weekend, so now that is his new favorite game. Ashton no longer has his sweet gummy smile! It has been replaced with a sweet toothy smile! Always the one to do things his own way, his first tooth was a top one. The second broke through yesterday on the bottom. He has 2-3 more that will be through anytime. You didn't think he would let Ayden get too far ahead of him did you?!

Ayden is crawling great now. He pulls up, usually only to his knees, but he is very steady at it! He loves to sit on his knees and bounce. Ayden now has 3 teeth with another one coming through any day. He has recently decided that he LOVES our pets! He can be entertained for quite awhile by just following one of the cats or our dog around the living room. Luckily, our pets have been very patient and are kind when he pulls on their tales and fur! He also plays shadow with Ashton, following him around and wanting to play with anything he does.

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