Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A bomb went off at our house!

Ok...well, truth be told, I never actually found the bomb...but there was certainly an explosion!
During the last week:

Ayden has decided that walking is his preferred method of transportation! He is toddleing everywhere!

Ayden picked up several new words including "uh-oh", "Dayda" (for our dog, Jada), "Dada" for daddy. Maybe a few others that we are still not certain of.

Ayden learned to climb on the couch and now loves to sit on the couch and look through his books.

Ayden began shaking his head yes. He had been doing only no. He doesn't always use the one he means, but he does answer with one if you ask him a question.

Ayden finds shoes or socks and attempts to put them on his feet.

Ayden has seen Ashton using his spoon and decided he should try it, now he is loving feeding himself with a spoon too!

Ashton added the word "ba" for bath and is working on a few others it sounds like.

Ashton can find your nose when asked.
Ashton began shaking yes and no, and seems to understand the difference most of the time.
Ashton could climb on the couch awhile back but just didn't do it often. Now that he sees Ayden doing it he is also up there all the time. The difference is that Ashton is a monkey and doesn't just sit on the couch, he crawls around, stands up and even climbs up and stands on the back looking out the window! Needless to say, we have had a few falls already!

Ashton is also attempting to put on his shoes.

Ashton, my monkey, went head first into the toy box!
Ashton, again, can't keep his feet on the ground...
and, Ayden is loving having his feet on the ground!
Mama's monkey's on the couch
The boys were also much more interested in coloring this time!

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  1. Ashton & my Camille could definitely get into some trouble together!

    And Congrats to cute little Ayden!!