Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Parks, playdates and, of course, family!

Last week brought about a huge change at the Kitsmiller house! We finally took the leap and went to one nap a day. I have been dreading this and looking forward to it at the same time. I dreaded it because the morning nap was my time to shower and get ready. Also, I didn't really think Ashton was ready for only one nap, and he is not a happy camper without his sleep! I was looking forward to it because it means more time for me to spend with my boys and more freedom to get out and do things! Let me tell you...we have taken full advantage of this time. Last week we went on two walks, had two playdates, went to 3 parks, and attended storytime at the library! We had lots of fun and Ashton did well with the transition. This transition also means the boys will be dropping a nursing session, since they use to nap when they woke up from this nap. As long as they are occupied they don't think about it. But, two days I layed down on the pillow I use for my head while we nurse and they thought it was time, so that nursing session is not quite gone, but almost. Ashton loved all the parks and was his usual independent self. Ayden on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with them and just wanted to be held the whole time! Jeff had a lot to do this weekend so the boys and I loaded up and took a little trip to Stillwater. We saw my sister, Kimberly, and the boys' cousins. They had a great time playing while I got my hair highlighted! Next we went to see my sister Vicke. The boys loved exploring EVERYTHING at her house! We even got a surprise visit from another cousin, Angel, who made a last minute trip through Oklahoma from Texas. Sunday afternoon while the boys napped I went to Mexico Joe's for an OMOMS (Oklahoma Moms of Multiples) meeting. Afterwards we said good bye to everyone and headed home to Daddy!
Ashton loves to climb!
The only thing Ayden liked was the swings. Of couse, only one of the three parks we went to had a swing!
Helping mommy pack!
Ayden and cousin Colton playing cars.
Ashton didn't quite understand the "sit" part of "Sit and Spin"!
Riding the bike at Aunt Vickes!
These boys LOVE their books! They spend about 75% of their playtime each day with books!

My Dan Zanes wannabe's!

Sorry the quality of the pictures is so bad! I have been using my iphone for pics a lot lately and it just isn't the same!

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