Saturday, September 5, 2009

It was a poopy kinda day!

Jeff took one of his furlow days from work yesterday and spent some time playing with his boys and working from home. Before nap we each changed a boy before reading to them and putting them in their cribs. When we went to get them up we were greeted with the most wretched smell ever! Ashton had poo on his legs, face, fingers, sheets, crib, was gross! To make this episode even worse - we had basil pesto chicken for dinner the night before!! Ashton was terribly upset by all of this and was mad at me the entire time I worked to get him cleaned up and changed. As I was cleaning him up I noticed that the leg snap of his diaper was undone! There is no way Ashton can get those snaps undone...daddy was the one that changed Ashton...I will leave it at that! I noticed all evening he still seemed to smell like poo, I just thought it was in my head, until I found a chunk in the back of his hair! UUGGHHH - no wonder!! Before bed we did our normal bath routine (and I made sure to get the poop clump out this time!) and as we finished I called for daddy to come help with his part of the nightly routine. As he was coming Ayden was "passing gas" and laughing at the sound it made while sitting in the bathtub full of water! I, too, laughed at his silly expressions, until....I saw him lean ever so slightly forward and his eyes get a little glassy - that means only one thing for dear Ayden! I told Jeff to hurry and I picked up Ashton and handed him over to daddy before the water got infested! Ayden thought he was missing out on something and quickly jumped up from the water leaving several "patties" behind! As he waded around he proceeded to step on a piece smooching it into the grooved mat placed in the tub to prevent slipping - great even more to clean up! I got him cleaned up and into the nursery to get dressed. This time daddy got the privilege of cleaning up! We sure have had our share of poopy experiences lately! I can't wait until they are potty trained!

I did not take any pictures of our incidents yesterday but these are from one of our other many incidents. These were taken the week of their first birthday. I wasn't even sure who had pooped because it was all over both of them, the floor and the table!

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