Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A childhood staple...

The childhood's year's would just not be complete without hours of enjoyment with one's hands in PLAYDOUGH! As a child I loved playdough and my grandma was always willing to make a homemade batch for us. As a pre-K teacher I have enjoyed making lots of playdough for my students as well...snowdough, chocolatedough, apple-cinnamon dough, kool-aid dough...I love it all!

Ashton and Ayden got their first taste (quite literally :)) of the fun in playdough last week! We were given some playdough several months ago and decided we would get it out for them to explore! They were both very interested in this new sensation! Ayden really wanted to taste it...when he did get some in his mouth he put it on the roof of his mouth and sucked on it! Daddy and I joined in the fun to show them everything this new "toy" could do - who can resist getting their hands in some playdough!

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  1. Another person who celebrates half-birthdays! Well, happy half-birthday Ayden and Ashton. The 6 month milestones are just as fun. The boys look like they have a lot of fun together.