Thursday, October 29, 2009

On the road again!

The Three Amigos - Ayden, Chase, Ashton

We love to play with coasters!

Ashton wasn't feelin' the pictures so he sat this one out!

We had hardly gotten home from St. Louis when we repacked our bags for a much needed mini vacation in Branson last weekend! Jeff's parents had been planning to go to the Dick Clark's '57 Heaven car auction and when Jeff heard about it he wanted to go as well. We decided to just make it a family event and Jeff's sister from St. Louis came as well as his sister in KC, along with her husband and son. We all had a great time staying in a large 3 bedroom condo. Jeff and his dad spent all day Saturday at the museums auction while the rest of us shopped at the outlet mall! I came home with some great clothing deals and Jeff and his dad come home with some "projects"! The museum was also auctioning off all their memorable, so they bought two OLD pedal cars and some kind of a train. They seem to be really excited about this new challenge! Sunday came too quickly and we had to drive home in the rain (again)!

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