Monday, November 2, 2009

Brotherly Love

After the fighting I have been refereeing for the past few weeks I finally got a slight reprieve today! While I was cooking dinner and talking to daddy on the phone in the kitchen, Ashton and Ayden were having a grand time tearing up the Sunday paper on the dining room floor. I was watching them have a giggling good time when all of a sudden Ayden went right up to Ashton and wrapped his arms around Ashton and gave him the sweetest bear hug I have EVER seen! If this wasn't enough to melt my heart, he did it again a couple seconds later. But, this time he added "a little sugar on top" and even nuzzled his head against Ashton's as he hugged him! OH, MY! I teared up with happiness, joy, and pride at the site of my sweet boys embracing in their first hug! It was bittersweet to have to relay the events over the phone to daddy though! :(

Just to see if it was a fluke thing I asked Ayden to give Ashton a hug later that evening after dinner...and he did! This time I was prepared and got a few pictures, though nothing as cute as those first hugs in the dining room amongst a confetti of newspaper sheddings. I then asked Ashton to give Ayden a hug...and again, to my surprise, he did it! I am going to bed a very proud mama tonight!
Ayden (and Lilo)
Ayden hugging Ayden
I LOVE it when he nuzzles!

Ashton hugging Ayden - didn't get the best picture of this one

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  1. I love having twins! These moments of sweetness and love between them totally make up for all the fighting!