Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Growing up TOO quickly!!

Sorry I have been kinda MIA lately! We have been SOOOO busy! This is such a contrast from the last two summers! Of course, we are busy with the home search, more about that later! BUT, we have been busy going and doing, shopping and playing, and just plain enjoying summer and being TWO! We are lucky if we stay home one day a week. We have been going to parks, story times, playdates, various shopping trips for groceries, freebies, crafting supplies, etc.

The boys are changing so much! They are SO smart! They remember EVERYTHING! This can be both a blessing and a curse! They are talking so much now! Ayden regularly combines two words and Ashton is right behind him. Both boys are trying to potty train! I wasn't going to push the issue until we were moved, but they had other ideas I guess. Ashton was going 2-3 times a day for about 2 weeks until last week when it started to taper off. Last week Ayden started going about twice a day and is now up to 4-6 times a day. Last week we bought some "big boy unders" and I think that is what helped him. SO, I let him wear them all day yesterday, except nap time and he did great! We still only have one potty and I am not pushing the issue, just getting them comfortable with the potty, etc. I think they are ready though so we will work a little harder once we get settled.
They have so many new interests lately! Jada (our dog) is high on the list! They also love their train set and the new airplanes Daddy brought home last weekend. The are getting more curious about numbers, letters and colors. They love to cuddle! They do LOTS of pretend play! This usually involves cooking. The other day they even pretended to give an imaginary Papa a drink! They also love to be in the kitchen with me and watch me cook. I always have to turn the oven light on so they can see what is in there.
They love to play in the water hose (aka: "hoa") and the splash pads! Last year they were terrified of these! It is so much fun to see them have so much fun in the water. I have a lot of childhood memories of my sister and I playing in the hose/sprinklers.

OK, now, about our never ending moving process...
On a positive note, our house in Oklahoma has finally closed!!!

Now we are faced with the daunting task of finding something in our budget, within certain school districts, with the square footage and features on our long list of must haves! Let me tell you, it has been a full time job! We have been to see about 40 homes and have looked at several hundred online. It started out as fun and exciting and has turned into a job I dread! I even have dreams/nightmares about homes!
I think we have our search narrowed down to 5 homes. We are going to go look at these homes on Saturday. Hopefully we will be ready to make an offer on something soon!

Potty training and paintingSand/Water table

Ashton painting
Ayden painting
watering our garden
Ayden painting
Ashton painting

Such a big boy
Ashton playing with slime
Ayden playing with slime
Ashton at the splash pad
musical instruments at the park
Ayden at the splash pad
My cool Cards fans!
Playing in the hose!
Going grocery shopping (notice the baby in the front of the cart!)

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  1. They are too cute Darla, but make them slow down and not grow up so fast....(as if you could :) )