Friday, July 9, 2010

Daddy's Boys

As much as I hate to admit it my boys are growing up. I guess a part of that includes being much more attached to their Daddy! Trust me, I am not complaining! It is really nice, although a little sad too.
The other day I left the boys (all 3 of them), just before lunch. As I kissed Ayden he just waved and sad "Bye, bye". Ashton kissed me and just watched me as if to say "Are you really leaving...or are we just playing a game?!" In the end, there was not one tear shed and Daddy fed them lunch and put them down for a nap all on his own. I didn't get home until after nap. Then, I was only home for about an hour before I left again to go out with some other moms. Daddy then took care of dinner, baths and bedtime all on this own! AND, to top it off...this was the first night that they boys have gone to bed without having any "Mommy's milk"! This was a huge deal at our house! BUT, you better not think for a moment that this continued the following nights! ;)
Other new trends include crying for Daddy when he leaves, wanting to sit or cuddle with Daddy, wanting Daddy to take them to the bathroom and requesting Daddy to read a story before bedtime. I guess the strong preference for Mommy would have to end at some point, but I love watching the boys interact with their Daddy.

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  1. Stopped over after seeing your link on Liz Has A Life. Loved your breastfeeding toddlers post. I am in awe that you went so long with two. That is so awesome. You have to feel so good about that!

    I'll keep following!