Saturday, February 21, 2009

The boys get their first workout at the gym!

The Little Gym that is! We got up and around early this morning for a 9:00am "Birds" class. The boys had a great time climbing and crawling on the mats, chasing balls and catching bubbles! They were a little hesitant at first but soon they were enjoying their workout! It was also cold when we first got there and the boys did not like putting their bare feet on the cold mats! This was a free trial visit the gym provides to everyone on their first visit. The "Birds" class is for 10-19 month olds. The boys turn 10 months tomorrow, and they were by far the youngest participants. They were also the only ones who were unable to walk. I am not sure that we will be joining the gym just yet. It is very expensive for two kids and we think they would get more out of it in a few months. But, it was a great experience and made for a fun family weekend activity!

Catching bubbles!

Ball time!



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