Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bumbs, bruises, bites and bandages!

Whoa! What a day! Ashton, who is mentally ready to walk, is not physically ready. You can't tell him this though! He fell more times than I can count this weekend...and he has the bumbs and bruises to show for it! He woke up from his morning nap with a yellowish bruise on his forehead. Then, after dinner he fell and hit the exact same spot and it immediately turned into a blueish bump! I tried to put ice on it and he thought this was really funny. Every time I put the ice to his forehead he would laugh and try to push it away. We repeated this over and over again. Ayden loves to chew on things (hopefully just a part of his teething phase), and doesn't discriminate between teething rings and human skin. He doesn't bite to be mean, he will just bite when playing. Well, you guessed it...Ayden bit poor Ashton on the cheek! By bedtime Ashton looked like he had participated in a cage fight today! Now, you are probably wondering where the "bandages" fits in. That would be our furbaby, Jada! That's right, even our dog got hurt today! We don't let her out of the fence without a leash, but today when I answered the door she made a run for it. She ran like a rabid deer (this makes since if you have ever since our little pomchi run and jump) around the neighborhood for a few minutes before Jeff found her. She had caught her thumb nail on something while out and it was cracked in the quick, twisted to the side and bleeding pretty bad. Luckily the boys where happily sitting in their highchairs snacking on toast and laughing at each other while all this was going on. Jeff and I washed off her paw and wrapped it in gauze for awhile. She was not walking on it well so we tried to get her to rest. After a while we took off the gauze and let her clean it up. It looks a lot better and is no longer twisted. Now, after a stressful day for mommy, I am relaxing with a hot cup of Ghirardelli White Mocha, the internet and the Oscar's!

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  1. Ashton & Camille will get along great...or just get into trouble,LOL. Like Ashton, she wants to walk and has "mystery bruises" popping up.