Monday, February 9, 2009

Making the switch!

Soon after finding out we were pregnant I decided I wanted to use cloth diapers. Well, after the ultrasound revealed we were having twins I was a little overwhelmed and decided that cloth, along with everything else, might just be too much! Over the last couple months I have become interested again and, after much deliberation, we have decided to make the switch. I have several reasons for wanting to use cloth. First, we were on pace for spending well over $1,000 on diapers in just one year. I will be able to purchase all of my cloth diapers and supplies to last until the boys are potty trained for about $300. Second, I recently read that more than 16 billion diapers end up in landfills each year! Therefore, I would like to do my part in keeping our environment as clean as possible. Third, the boys have started to have some eczema/dry skin issues around their diaper area and I am hoping this will help. I received my first shipment of "fluffy mail" today. I currently have 10 diapers with 8 more on the way. I am trying a few brands/styles to start with. So far we have Blueberry, Haute Pockets and Fuzzi Bunz. I also have some Bum Genius on the way. This afternoon I put the boys in cloth for the first time. They actually noticed the difference and kept looking down at the colorful fabric and rubbing their hands over this new texture. I have to say the first day went well and I am anticipating a long love affair with this new fluffiness!
Ashton and Ayden in their first cloth diapers! (Not our parents generation of cloth diapers!) They are playing with their new HABA toys from Grandma and Grandpa Kitsmiller!

Such cute little fluffy bums!!

If you are interested in cloth diapering their are lots of resources out there!
I am entered to win FREE fuzzi bunz diapers and you can too! Visit for more info. Also check out some of our new diapers at I am definitely not a pro yet but, feel free to ask questions. I will be keeping you up to date with our adventures in cloth diapering!

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  1. That is awesome. I thought about doing cloth too until I found out there were twins. I would really like to do them, it would probably save a lot of money in the long run. Let me know how it works for you and which ones you like best.