Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear Birthday Boys

What a long way we have come! Before starting this birthday letter to you I decided to take a peek into our past and reread the birthday letter I wrote to you last year. It brings back so many memories, yet reminds me how much has changed in such a short year! In this year you have gone from babies who could not walk or talk, to full fledged toddlers who can not only walk, but run, and are repeating everything you hear!

This year we have watched as your personalities began to really blossom. You both still have very much the same personalities and temperaments as when you were babies, they have just continued to grow and development over this year.

Ashton - You are very much an independent child. You jump right in, you observe, you study, you do things in your own time and your own way. But, you are still very much a mama's boy! You love knowing that I am nearby and are always running to find me if you can't see me. You call out "Mama", just to check on me. You love to be held, cuddled, kissed and rocked. You stay pretty calm and quiet most of the time. When it comes to talking you let Ayden take the lead, but you are always right there behind him. You thrive on consistency and order. You always let us know if something is not where it should be or if a door is opened that should be closed. You have formed an attachment with a particular blanket that you sleep with and call "B".

Ayden - You are a very social child. You love to get attention, smile and wave at passersby, "act" shy, and most of all, get your way! You know exactly how you want things done and you make sure everyone else knows how that is! You love to laugh and giggle, especially at Ashton. You are always babbling about something. Luckily for us, the babble has recently turned into many new words and we love knowing more about what you are thinking. You have an extraordinary memory and are always surprising us with what you remember. You love to be held and carried (not so easy now that you weigh about 30lbs!) and you enjoy holding hands. You have some sort of attachment to Dr. Seuss books. We don't know how you know they are Dr. S books before they have even been read, but you do. You always have a book in your hand and 8 times out of 10 it is a Dr. S book.

These tidbits are just the tip of your traits and personalities. You charm, entertain and amaze us everyday. I feel so blessed that I have had the opportunity to be able to stay home with you these past two years and be the one to care for you, guide you and witness the amazing changes taking place in you each and every day. As I said last year, you can't fully know everything parenting entails until you experience it for yourself. You can't know the pride and joy you feel watching tiny babies grow into curious toddlers. I would have never guessed that I could love you more than I did the day you were born, but I do!

You are learning and taking in so much right now and it is an incredible thing to watch. Everything is new to me again as it look at it through the eyes of a toddler. A simple things like planting a seed and watching it grow brings wonder to your eyes, and then to mine! I watch in awe as you experiment with scooping, pouring, pulling, pushing, turning, writing, splashing, cooking, and cleaning. What you learn in a day is astonishing and exhausting! You amaze me with how quickly you pick things up and remember things. Everyday is something new and different and I love experiencing it all with you!

Yes, as you grow there are things that get harder as well. You often exert your emotions and opinions in ways that are "less desirable" and this brings a whole new twist to parenting. As much as I hate to admit it...You aren't perfect! There I said it! You are only human, just like your mother and father. You get mad, you get impatient, you get frustrated and tired. When these things happen you do cry, bang your head and stomp your feet. But, you are learning a better way and we will get past it. We are not going to use the phrase "Terrible Two's" at our house. Not because you wont' ever have a fit again, but because we aren't going to put a label on a whole year of your life. We aren't going to have those kind of expectations or excuses for behaviors. We are choosing to parent you in a way that will make you loving and caring children and we have no doubts about that!

So, "Terrific Two's" here we come! Again, I look forward with excitement thinking about all that will come in this new year of life for you. I am so proud to call myself your mommy!

Love you,

Ashton at birth

Ayden at birth

Ayden and Ashton at 1 year

Ashton at 2 years

Ayden at 2 years

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