Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pearly, White Chicklets!

I am a little behind (as always!). The boys had their first dentist appointment two weeks ago. The pediatric office was amazing! They had a large bird cage, large aquarium, children's play room and huge waiting room. The boys saw a great dentist named Dr. Dan! Until children are 3 they do a lap examine, or what they call a knee to knee exam. It was done in the dentists office while the boys sat in my lap and leaned back onto Dr. Dan. Ayden leaned back and laid perfectly still while Dr. Dan checked out each of his amazingly perfect chick-lets! Dr. Dan was very impressed! Ashton was next, and as expected, was not fond of someone trying to get in his face! Nevertheless, Dr. Dan was able to check out each of Ashton's equally perfect teeth! We left there with stickers, rubber ducks and new toothbrushes!
After the visit we decided to check out our new community a little and stopped at a park and sculpture museum we passed. It was really neat! I wish we could have stayed to see a little more but Ayden got tired of walking and mama got tired of carrying Ayden!

Ashton - "our little explorer"

Ayden - ready to go...or at least be carried!

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