Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What do YOU do with 200 ounces of breastmilk?!

Well, I used half of mine to make a super soft, all natural, full of wondrous healing power breastmilk cream! A mom from my wonderful APA forum makes natural baby products under the name Sudzy Baby. She recently began making a kit she sends to mom's with instructions on how to make their own breastmilk cream. All you provide is the milk. Her kit normally uses 7oz of breastmilk and makes 6 oz of cream. I had so much milk that I asked her to do a large batch kit for me. The kit I used called for about 90 ounces of milk and made over a gallon of this white luscious stuff!
I started out by defrosting all my precious liquid gold breastmilk. This was all pumped by me about a year and a half ago! I hated that dreaded pump...but I love the results!
I mixed the ingredients and melted them all together in the microwave. After they melted I whipped it up in the blender. While it was still hot and fairly thin I poured it into 2 gallon freezer bags (1/2 full) and I filled two 1 liter pump bottles.

In the end I had THIS!
We are now set for lotion/cream for quite awhile! Since I was with my family I let them all try it out and everyone was impressed. My dad and my husband both thought it felt like having a paraffin hand dip! (Yes, they have both had this pampering procedure done!) Ayden has a form of dry skin which causes little bumps on certain areas of his skin and we are hoping this helps. We also use a balm from Sudzy Baby that has been wonderful for his skin this winter. Whether you have 7 oz of breastmilk or 100 oz, I highly recommend ordering this wonderful kit. What can be better than lovingly massaging your little one with cream that was made from love and boobs!

Now I have to figure out what to do with the remaining 100 or so ounces!?


  1. That's crazy, I would have never thought to do that. What is in her mixture that you add your milk to? Does this lotion have to be refrigerated?

  2. It has some oils (which she infuses herself), e-wax, steric acid, shea butter, mango butter and opiphen...if that tells you anything! ;-) It does not have to be refrigerated, but she said it would be fine. It should last at least two years she said.