Friday, December 12, 2008

Ashton Ray

Ashton is what I call a "perfect multiples baby". He goes with the flow and not much seems to bother him. He is very content to play on the floor rolling around by himself. He is very interested in touching everything around him. Ashton loves to show his dimply smile and to cuddle! We call him "our little football" because he is always curled up, when he sleeps and when he is being held. Ashton loves bath time! He nearly closes his eyes and doesn't make a peep the entire time. Ashton loves to smile, giggle, and be read and sung to. "Ashton Love" is also a little sensitive! Sometimes he gets upset when he is disturbed, especially when he is eating - that is serious business! This is happening more often since I nurse them at the same time and they are getting pretty big now! Ashton is a great long as he has his pacifier.

A few milestones:

Born at 5lbs 9oz and 18 1/2in long
-at 7 months 14lbs 4oz

Rolled to back 6 weeks
Rolled to belly 3 months
Sleeping through the night 3 months (this stopped at 5 months) and then 7 months (let's hope it continues this time!)
Smiled 4 months
Started eating baby cereal 5.5 months
Started eating solids 6 months
Picked up toys without assistance 6 months
Getting on all four's and rocking 6 months
Sitting unassisted for short periods 7.5 months
Crawling....any day?!

Ashton with Grandpa at 2 days old

7 weeks old
3 months old
6 months old

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