Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Getting up to date

We have absolutely fallen in love since bringing the boys home in April. They are now 7.5 months old and are all I could have imagined and more! Both boys have been very healthy since coming home. They each got a minor cold, but that is it. I attribute this to 1) staying home a lot 2)breastfeeding. The boys have great gross and fine motor skills. They are rolling all over the place, sitting up well and about to crawl any day. They are picking up toys and working on their "pincer" grasps. At 7 months old Ashton weighed 14lbs. 4oz. and Ayden weighed 15lbs. 4 oz. They had been a little slow at the weight gain, but since starting solids at 6 months they have really started putting on the weight! I make their baby food and they love to eat-I guess they get that from their daddy! We have loved celebrating all their firsts. Each little thing is noteworthy and I keep a journal of it all! We are now looking forward to their first Christmas!

Ashton and Ayden at 7 weeks old

Ayden and Ashton at 3 months old

Ashton and Ayden at 6 months old

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