Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ayden found his...

I know what you were thinking! Actually, that happened a long time ago! Yesterday Ayden discovered he has a belly button just like Mommy and Daddy! He has been obsessed with holes recently. He began digging in our belly buttons, and our mouths, several weeks ago and this week decided nostrils were pretty fun too! Yesterday while sitting on the floor he lifted up his shirt, looked down, and put his finger right in his belly button. He then preceded to look over at me and laugh at himself!

Ayden checking himself out in the oven!

Today the boys went with me to In the Raw for a lunch date with some friends. They both enjoyed looking all around as the people passed them by. Unfortunately, they didn't get to enjoy their first sushi experience. Daddy warned me that he wanted to be around for that first!

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