Monday, July 20, 2009

Library, peaches and so much more!

What a busy week we've had! Last week I took the boys to the local library for the first time and we participated in a very interactive storytime! The boys seemed very interested in all the other kids and the "commotion" of so many toddlers and parents in one room. We plan to add the library into our agenda a little more often since we had so much fun!


These pictures were taken when we got home. I went to the library by myself and the boys were sitting on my lap so it made it a little difficult to take a picture. I can't believe how BIG (or how stinkin' cute!!) they look in these pictures!

My dad celebrated in 73rd birthday last week so to celebrate I invited some family over for a pizza party! We all brought different toppings and different crusts and made a pizza buffet. It was great! My favorite was a Mediterranean pizza I made with basil pesto I prepared using fresh basil! YUMMMMM! The next morning we got up and all headed to Porter for the annual Peach Festival. Jeff and I had planned to take the boys for several weeks when Friday evening he leared he would have to stay home to make some last minute graphic design changes for a concert the radio station was hosting that night. We were a little bummed, but took off to enjoy the day anyway. Between leaving a little late (imagine that!?), and (ah-hmm) taking the scenic route, we ended up missing what I hoped would be the boys' first parade. We listened to some live music, looked at all the craft vendors and indulged in some vanilla ice cream covered in Porter peaches! I even let the boys join in the cold, fruity deliciousness!
Ashton hates the stroller so I wore him in the Beco most of the time.
My mom wore Ayden for a little while.
My grandma (aka - GiGi), also got into the babywearing! Not only did she wear her dog in my wrap, she also feed him ice cream from her spoon!
They both loved the peaches and ice cream (of course...they are my children)!

Jeff felt bad that he was not able to go with us to Porter, and then had to spend the entire evening taking video of the concert, so he wanted to make it up to me and the boys. So, we decided to take a trip to the zoo on Sunday. We have been very fortunate to enjoy a few days of 90* temps, after over a week of 100*+ days! It was a great day to go to the zoo and we got to see more animals than last time. We decided to try a little different traveling system this time as well. Even though our boys are not even quite 15 months old, we are already tired of all the "stuff" required to travel with two babies! Diaper bag, stroller, sippys, sunscreen, etc... We put sunscreen on the boys, grabbed a bottle of water, strapped them each in a Beco on our backs and headed into the zoo! That was it! It was SO freeing! We were able to pass people on the sidewalk, get into tight locations and even go "off roading"! We are so happy with our investment in our Beco's! OK, so I digress! We had a fun time at the zoo and got to see the zebra up really close. I have never seen them so close to the fence - they are so beautiful! Well, most of them were decided to pee when they got up close and it was like someone just dumped out 2 full buckets of water under him! We also saw tons of animals in the rainforest that I hadn't seen before. We came home and ate a late lunch and put the boys down for a nap. They were out by 3:45 and Jeff and I were out by 4:00! It was so nice to take an afternoon nap. In fact, it was so nice that none of us woke up until 6:30!

We saw some zebra up closer than this, but we were too busy watching them to think about getting a picture then!

Daddy and Ayden

Mommy and Ashton

We have another busy week planned this week and we have to pack for our upcoming vacation to St. Louis!

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