Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time flies when you're havin' fun!

We must be having a lot of fun, because out of no where today we had our 15 month baby well visit! It seems like these pictures were taken so recently...



This was by far our worst well visit yet! Jeff couldn't get away from work since he is trying to get everything done for next week, when we will be on vacation. We did start off on a good note though! We were actually ON TIME! That might be the first time we were on time to a doctor's appointment! Unfortunately, it all went down hill from there. I think the boys are about ready to go down to one nap. They are also starting to stay awake longer in the car (read: They don't fall asleep before we get out of the neighborhood anymore). Well, today they both stayed awake the entire 20ish minutes we were in the car. They really benefit from these "car naps" and without it we already had a strike against us. For the first time the boys seemed to know where we were or what was going to happen. Just after the nurse came in the room they both started to fuss. They both fought her and I to take their measurements. They really hate to lay down and that is how they are still measuring them. When she tried to measure their head circumference they both screamed again/still and tried to grab the tool from her. Then we each carried a boy out to the hall to weigh them. She first sat Ashton down on the baby scale and he screamed and cried and tried to get off. She then decided to attempt to lay him down - remember how great that worked last she sat him back up and just took a number because it would never stop calibrating since Ashton continued to scream! In the mean time I am holding Ayden who is watching this and already starting to cry. As soon as I sat him down he screamed bloody murder. She again just wrote down a close number as both boys attracted the attention of the entire office. We went back to our room so she could take their tempetures, as soon as she left the room they both instantly stopped crying. It was right on cue and very comical! I read to the boys and they happily looked at books while we waited on the doctor. Right after he walked in Ayden started getting anxious and wanted to sit in my lap. After talking for a few minutes I stood up to hand Ayden to the doctor to look him over and he immediately began crying, this of course, lead to Ashton also crying. They both screamed and cried and fought until their physicals were both complete. After the doctor left they again calmed down (not anticipating what was to come next) and I finished the book I had started. The nurse returned with her hand full of needles and her scrub top covered in band aids. I will spare you the details, but these were the worst shots yet! Why can't they make all vaccinations oral?! I can't take much more of this! We again let the entire office know we were leaving and walked out with our parting gift - a free bottle of Tylenol each! The boys were exhausted from the mornings events and were out in less than a mile. We drove to Jeff's office so he could see his boys and show them off. Afterwards we headed home for lunch and a MUCH needed nap!

OK, on with the stats:

(by the way, I wouldn't put money on these being 100% accurate...)

weight: 21lbs 3oz (10%)
height: 32 1/2in (85%)
head: 48 1/7cm (85%)

weight: 25lbs 5oz (55%)
height:32in (75%)
head: 48 1/7cm (85%)

Our tearful visit!

Happy to be home!

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  1. Note to self: bring someone to 15 month well visit.

    Wouldn't it be nice if Dr's still did house calls?