Monday, March 1, 2010


I have been hearing an awful lot of this lately! As well as "Dada?! Dada?!" and "Nana?! Nana?!". Ashton and Ayden apparently just discovered that they can get our attention by saying our names. They go back and forth between the two of them calling out our names! Then it turns into some sort of a game! It is the funniest thing to hear the two of them calling out our names over and over. We have now decided to turn it around and call their names back...I think this just adds to the game and they giggle and start all over! Such silly boys - I LOVE IT!!


  1. Is Ayden's hair getting darker? Or is it just that picture. Your boys are little loves :)

  2. Thanks ladies! They LOVE lego's! Yes, Ayden's hair is getting darker but it is not quite as close to Ashton's color as what this picture makes it look. After we got their hair cut a few weeks ago it started looking darker.