Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pastel Puffballs

What a great spring weekend we had! I can't wait for everyday to be so nice! Saturday morning we took the boys to a Family Fun Expo and got some great information, samples, etc. Saturday afternoon daddy began not feeling so well, but the boys spent lots of quality time with their Papa who was in town for the weekend. Aunt Amy also came over for dinner and got lots of kisses from Ayden!

Sunday Daddy was feeling even worse and we decided it was a great day for a Pajama Day! As usual, when we stay home, we need extra activities! This time I was prepared with a spring/Easter theme activity! I bought some pastel colored puff balls from the dollar store and put them in our ever useful tub and had a great activity for Ashton and Ayden! I also included two measuring cups and 1 set of tongs.

They had a great time playing with the measuring cups....

and filling the measuring cups...

until this happened....and then this...

Ayden loves to dump!Ashton loved the tongs and opened and shut them over and over again for a LONG time!


  1. your boys look so cute in their pj's! keep the ideas coming...LOVE THEM!!

  2. I always LOVE your ideas! Keep posting them so I can steal them later!