Saturday, April 18, 2009

12 months and counting!

Well, almost!

After our 12 month appointment we took the boys to visit daddy's office. This is Ayden's new "thing"!

Thursday Jeff and I took the boys to their 12 month well baby check up! They are both doing great and have changed so much since their 9 month visit. The boys have caught up to each other in nearly every area now. Both boys are crawling, pulling up, cruising, talking, laughing, eating table food, drinking from sippy cups, growing some hair (finally), and they both are working on their sixth tooth. Ayden is "talking" more than Ashton and Ashton is doing more climbing than Ayden. They both love to stand and walk behind their walker toy (or anything they can push for that matter), but they are not walking on their own just yet. During the last two weeks the level of their interactions has jumped dramatically! They are almost always playing together and laugh at each other a lot. Their favorites are to each stand at one end of the tunnel/slide and laugh at each other and to stand at the music table and bang on it together.

Here are the "stats" from their visit:

weight 19lbs. 12oz (7%)
height 29 1/2in. (50%)
head 18 3/4in (88%)

weight 21lbs. 12oz (40%)
height 29 3/4in (52%)
head 18 1/2in (75%)

Ashton and Ayden got to open their first birthday presents this week! They loved the cute boxes and all the fun toys! Thank you Julia, Larry and Chase!

With this being the "big week" I will have plenty more updates and pictures!

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