Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pinching Pennies

It was a year ago last week when the doctor informed me that I needed to go home, for good, to rest until my babies arrived. I can't believe it has already been a year - it literally seems like just last week! Since then we have doubled our family size and cut our income in half! I am no mathematician, but I know that does not equal anything good! We have been forced to be smart with our time and money. We have had to sacrifice things we once thought we "needed" and reevaluate what is truly important in life.

About a year ago! Look at that belly - I don't remember it being so...large! This was a baby shower my students and their families had for me.

These are a few of the things we have done to "pinch our pennies":

-We shop for clothes and toys at consignment sales like Just Between Friends and the TMOM's sale.

-The boys wear cloth diapers. This is not only a huge savings for us, but a great contribution to the environment.

-I breastfeed the boys. We have NEVER purchased formula! This alone is saving us up to $15/day!

- I make baby food at home. It is very easy, tastes better and is much cheaper!

- I do as much "home made" stuff as I can, including making babylegs and moby wraps. Babylegs sell for $12 or more each and I make them for $1-2!

babylegs and cloth diapers

- We rarely, to never, go out to eat. I enjoy cooking, it is cheaper, better for us and just plain easier when you have twins!

- We buy in bulk. If you know how Jeff eats then you know that our relationship with Sam's is very important. If our boys take after him, that relationship is only going to blossom!

- We use coupons. They are everywhere! Not just the old fashioned way of clipping from the Sunday paper, but by looking at your favorite retailers sites, signing up for their email list and going to coupon websites.

- Like everyone, we have had to look at our budget and see what could go. Honestly, there wasn't much. The big thing we decided on was our satellite/dvr service. We only watched a few channels other than local and it was costing us a fortune. We were most upset over losing the dvr - ya' know what it's like to get used to a way of life! We did some research and crunched some numbers and decided to switch to Tivo. We now get HD for free (with our old rabbit ears) and Tivo for $13/month. That is a far cry from the $75ish we were paying!

Jeff works extra hard to help makes ends meet also. If it weren't for all his work from home we would not be able to make it! Although I sometimes miss things like getting my nails done and going out to a nice restaurant for dinner and drinks...I would not change anything if it means getting to be home with my boys every day!

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