Monday, April 6, 2009

Trying some new things

Last week I was feeling adventurous and decided to try a few new things with the boys.

Tuesday - I got several kitchen utensils and pans and put them on the floor for the boys to check out. As always, at the site of something new, they took off to check them out! They loved chewing on the spoons and spatula (gotta' love teething!) and slowly figured out that they could make a lot of new, loud sounds!
Wednesday - I wanted to expose the boys to new climbing situations. Ashton, as usual, was very excited and saw the new "prop" right away. He climbed up onto the mini mattress and then pulled up onto the edge of the couch, but would not try to get up onto the couch - which was the goal! Ayden, as expected, was not very interested in actually trying this out. He was content just observing. He did get on the mattress after a little while but never pulled up to the couch. So, this new activity was not exactly successful on this first attempt but we will keep at it - I am sure it won't take them long to get it. I am not sure I really want them knowing how to climb up on the couch yet...but, the time will come sooner or later!

Thursday - Time for a sensory activity! I loved to do slimy, gooey, sticky sensory activities with my pre-k classes and plan to continue with my boys! Secretly, I think I get as much joy out of these activities as they do! I made some cold, vanilla pudding and then added green food coloring to it while on their trays. Since the boys rarely sit in their high chairs other than to eat they were a little confused as to what was going on. Ayden was mad that I was not feeding him and Ashton was not going to wait around on a spoon! I showed them how to put their fingers in it and move it all around, but they mainly cared about "moving" it into their mouths. I gave them each a spoon, their new favorite toy, and they finally settled down to enjoy this new sensation. Afterwards, I had two green, sticky babies!

Friday - We had another play date with William and Patrick, at their house this time. The boys had a great time checking out their toys and enjoying the new company! When we left their house we went to the GAP outlet mall and got some new clothes for the boys' one year pictures/family pictures! The boys were so worn out from the play date that they fell asleep in the stroller.

Ashton and William

Getting acquainted!

Saturday - We took the boys across the street to our neighbors house for Cameron's second birthday party. I boys enjoyed their first outdoor swing experience and their first bites of pizza here. I am sure these will be two of their favorite things in the coming years!


Sunday - I decided to make my family a real breakfast. The boys love waffles. but I decided to change it up a little this time and made banana waffles! The boys, Ashton especially, LOVED the banana waffles! They each ate the same amount as their momma!! Sunday afternoon my sister came to visit and the boys had a great time playing with their cousins!

Ashton, Colton, Maddie, Ayden

Ashton and Colton

Ayden taking Maddie's glasses!

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