Sunday, June 14, 2009

Budding Artists?!

If today's art project is any indication of Ashton and Aydens future...budding artist was definitely not indicated! The boys received crayons and coloring books for their birthday and we decided to introduce them today. I tore them each out a picture of Handy Mandy and got one crayon out of the box for each of them. Jeff got the video camera ready and I put the art supplies down in front of them on the coffee table. Both of them were really excited that I had actually left paper within their reach ! I tried to get them to hold the crayon but they were too interested in the paper. Once I did get them to hold the crayon, what do you think hapened? Yup, just like everything else, it went straight into their mouths! Ayden actually bit a big chuck of blue crayon off into his mouth! (Good thing crayons are non-toxic huh?!) With that we decided that today's art project was complete. Now, I am excited that I have my children's first artwork to hang on the fridge!

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