Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I've really been slacking!

We have been so busy that now I have gotten WAY behind here. So, get comfortable, here it goes!
No more baby cereal!

We usually bought baby cereal 2 boxes at a time because the boys ate it nearly every morning for breakfast. During the last few months they have been eating less cereal so we still had some left and we just recently finished off the last of it. We don't plan to buy anymore so I got some regular oatmeal instead. I have only made this a few times, but, so far it is not going over very well! With the end of baby cereal means the end of formula. We made it a year with twins and NEVER spent any money on formula! We did get some sample cans from the doctor which I used with their cereal.
Big boy baths!
Ashton is so inquisitive and adventurous that he was no longer content with his bath seat. We had been fighting him for awhile now to keep him in the seat. Ayden was still pretty content though. So, on June 16th we got a mat to prevent slips and put it in the bottom of the tub, and now Ashton and Ayden are both happy.

We are really in trouble now!
Also on June 16th, Ashton learned how to crawl on top of the coffee table all by himself. I was shocked to walk into the living room and see my adventurous little boy giving me the biggest, most proud grin, from a top the coffee table! The first time I actually thought it was a fluke thing and that he had used another toy to climb up there. I was doubly shocked to walk in the room later in the afternoon to see him up there yet again. I quickly moved him down only to see him climb right back up there in front of me! I am a coffee table person and couldn't bear the thought of having to remove my table. So, of course, I did the obvious thing. I turned the table upside down! I think the boys thought this was even more exciting!

Summer sun and summer fun!
We spent lots of time outside last week. Saturday the 20th, "Aunt" Lindsey came over and we took the boys to the parade of homes. When we got home we ate dinner and then took the boys outside to play on their first "swing set"! We traded in our Little Tikes slide for a slide and swing. The boys loved it more this time then when we originally introduced just the old slide. They could climb up the slide as well as the rock wall side. The loved to swing also! Ashton even figured out how to make himself swing. The second time I put him in he couldn't quite remember what he had done to make himself swing the first time and instead of moving front to back he wiggled side to side! It was too cute! After swinging, Ashton decided it would be much more fun to climb into the swing and stand up! Ashton is really starting to become quite the little monkey! Monday I took the boys to meet up with some friends at a local splash pad. After our last couple attempts with splash pads I should have known what to expect...but, we went anyway. Of course, the boys HATED the cold water! I thought since it was 100 degrees outside they might make an exception - nope! They did enjoy sitting under the shade tree playing, eating a picnic and swinging on mommy's lap on the big swings. Tuesday I was brave and decided I would go with a friend and her two kids to the local swimming pool. I thought since the water would be warmer there they would like it better. Not to mention is was over 100 degrees again! Once Ashton got use to the water he really enjoyed himself. He splashed the water just like in the bathtub at home. Ayden was fine as long as he was sitting on my lap! I don't think he was feeling great that day. Taking the boys by myself to these kind of places is a lot of work so I didn't get any pictures! Since it was so hot we decided to take it easy and stay inside the rest of the week. Saturday the four of us headed down the street to the local Blue Bell plants Taste of Summer! All the ice cream and popsicles you want...mmmmm! There was live entertainment, facility tours, lots of jupiter jumps, kids crafts, car show, etc. There wasn't really a lot for the boys to do this year but I'm sure next year they will love it! We did let them have a few bites of our ice cream. That is a rare treat for them since the only sweets they have ever had was the cake and ice cream they had for their birthday! Ashton was apparently not worn out enough from our busy weekend because he was able to muster up the energy to climb up onto the couch by himself! We sat right there watching him, and knowing we were REALLY in trouble now! We don't really have "safe" place to keep things in the living room. The newspaper, our phones, the remotes, etc. have to go on the back of the couch so that they are out of reach. Well, I guess we are going to have to come up with something new!

Upside down?!
Ashton and Ayden have been going through a phase for awhile now where they liked to turn certain things upside down. Last week this phase was kicked up a notch, and everything has to be upside down!
They love to wrestle!
My new toys...errrr...I mean, the boys' new carriers! I can now wear them both at the same time with my new Beco baby carriers! (Jeff and I can each wear one also!)
They love all kinds of balls!

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