Thursday, June 11, 2009

Playing in the park!

Today I took the boys and met some friends at the Tulsa River Parks new QT pavilion and splash park. It was their first time to a real park and a real splash park. They had a great time, with the exception of the water part! Honestly, I don't blame them! The water was cool and their was a cool breeze blowing on top of that. They did love the fresh air, lots of people, and their first picnic! The Reading Roadshow was performing when we arrived. As usual, we were late and didn't get to see but the very end of the show. We hope to go back again in time to actually see the show! I tried several different areas of the splash park, but none of them made the boys happy. To make matters worse, they would not let anyone else hold had to be mama! As one lady commented, I had "one on each hip". Let me tell ya, that is getting more difficult each day! We sat under the shade tree playing and visiting for awhile before we got out our picnic. The boys loved eating on the ground, as opposed to the constraints of their highchairs! Not quite so exciting for this mama though! After lunch we tried the splash park once more...again, it was a no go! We went back to our spot in the shade and played some more. After having been at the park for two full hours we packed up and headed home. The boys were exhausted and slept nearly the entire way home.

Ayden had a great time flirting and making friends with some of the girls in our group!

Ashton grabed a whole slice of bread and tried stuffing it all in his mouth at once. He is grinning here at the excitment of getting so much bread!!

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