Friday, June 5, 2009

Mama's got a couple fish!

Ok, so the splash pad didn't go over so, we decided to try a pool instead! The water in the splash pad was constantly circulating right from the hose, which meant it stayed cold! We blew up the pool and put a couple inches of water in it Sunday morning and let it sit out in the 90 degree heat all day to warm it up. By the time the boys woke from their afternoon nap it felt great! We put on the boys' new swim trunks, bucket hats and sunscreen and headed to the back yard. We took it slow and let them get used to the idea. Initially Ashton wasn't too sure about this, but as soon as Mama got in with them he was happy! Ashton and Ayden made huge splashes and giggled at one another as they enjoyed their new pool. Ayden enjoyed sitting by me (ya know, the whole "mama's boy" thing!), while Ashton enjoyed crawling around in circles. They sit in bath seats in the bath tub, so this new opportunity to possibly "go under" or even put their mouths up to the water, was a new one! They both blew bubbles in the water a few times and both were startled as they put their head under too! They both started to get antsy in the pool so we dried them off and put them on the porch to watch daddy cook some steaks on the grill. I can't wait for all the summertime weekends to come!

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