Monday, June 15, 2009

The humor of nursing toddlers

Nursing sessions with Ashton and Ayden have always been our special time. As they have gotten older these times have not only grown shorter, but also less frequent. Don't get me wrong...I'm not complaining. Those first months I would be sitting on the couch with my huge pillow and both boys latched on and I was stuck there for 30 minutes to an hour at a time and we did this up to 8 times a day! Now they usually nurse 4 times a day for about 10 minutes. During the past year our nursing sessions have changed from needing a pillow to support the boys, me doing a lot of the work, even holding their heads in place to our now comedic sessions. The boys move around so much that we now nurse laying on the living room floor. They pop on and off, laugh at one another, crawl to get a toy and then crawl back. They often switch sides, only to later crawl across me to switch back. I think tonight was the most entertaining session yet. Jeff had a front row seat and couldn't stop laughing. It started out with Ashton blowing on my belly/blowing raspberries...whatever you call that. He did it over and over and would sit up and laugh in between. Ayden thought this was HILARIOUS! He was doing huge belly laughs (while trying to nurse and laying across my chest)! In the mix of all this they switched sides-for the second time. Then Ashton tried to do the same thing to any skin he could find, of course the closest thing was my breast! Again, Ayden could not be contained (mommy and daddy were laughing pretty hard too)! Then Ashton wants the side Ayden is on so he just pushes his face right off and "takes over", so to speak! Luckily, Ayden went with the flow and took the other side without complaint. Next Ashton starts in with this new sound he makes with his mouth. If you sort of purse your lips and make a "ppptttt" sound, that is kinda what he does. He does it sort of off center though and it looks like he is spitting tobacco or something. He does this, and smacking his lips, a lot lately especially when he wants to nurse. He will make the tobacco spit face if he hears someone else do it too. So while all this craziness is going on (mind you we are suppose to be winding down for bed) Jeff starts making this sound. Which of course was instantly repeated over and over by Ashton!

I so cherish these times of not only cuddling, but laughing as well! Not only that, but my boys are receiving the best nutrition made especially for them by mommy!

You know how I am with the pictures and so I of course have some great nursing pictures. But, this is a public blog and there are no telling what kind of sick-o's could find this...therefore I will not be posting any pictures this time :(


  1. I love it! When I tandem nursed my boys (they are 2 years apart) we made some of the most precious memories!!! I just loved how they would communicate with one another and sometimes even hold hands. Precious!!!

  2. OMG, it only gets better!

    i am so proud of you for nursing,
    it really takes a lot of dedication...especially with TWINS.
    i am still nursing o and c...
    but we're pretty much down to twice a day.
    i was hoping they would self wean by two? get really busy this summer and kind of forget about it? maybe.

  3. Thanks for sharing this post with me ;) I love, love, love it!!!!! Way to go mama!