Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Little Stud Muffins

Yesterday we went to the local farmer's market and to the AT&T store to get mommy and daddy new phones. Nothing too exciting - but I thought I would put the boys in some "cute clothes" for some pictures later. Of course, my stud muffins did turn lots of heads and caused lots of smiles while we were out though! "Are you talkin' about us?!"

Ashton has recently received the nick name "Cheeseball" because he has become such a ham lately! He really turns it on for the camera too! I have picture after picture of him showing off his cheesy grin. He also loves to get right up in the lens of the camera. This poses a problem when I want to get a picture of him doing something. As soon as he sees the camera he smiles really big and starts crawling to the camera.
Such a sweet smile - I love it!!

Ayden has a few things he started recently also. One is throwing fits and putting his head down between his legs. Yesterday he did this while sitting on the tile floor - OOUCH! Another is doing the yoga pose, "downward dog". Standing on his hands and feet with his tush in the air - too cute! He has also been sticking his tongue out a lot lately. Usually to the side with this cute, silly face - what a personality!

I just missed the downward dog - he's too quick!

See the tongue?...

Such a silly boy! (He ALWAYS has a ball in his hand!)

See the ball? (It is blue, in the hand on the left!)


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  1. Hahaha! Camille is into yoga too...downward dog is her fav pose.