Monday, January 5, 2009

More Milestones!

We have had a couple "wonder weeks" around here!

Ayden got his first tooth on Friday, December 19th so quickly and pain free, but this second tooth has not been so quick or pain free! After several cranky days and Motrin nights his second tooth finally broke all the way through on Friday, January 2nd. Then on Saturday Daddy and I were in the kitchen making baby food and washing dishes. We were watching the boys through the archway to the living room as they played with all their new toys. We had put them both on their tummies and all of a sudden Jeff looked up to see Ayden sitting next to their new house! We went in to celebrate and take pictures and he looked so proud as if he knew he had done something exciting! I was so bummed I did not get to see him tackle this new milestone for the first time! Later we put them down for their afternoon nap and after about 45 minutes Ashton woke up and made some noise waking Ayden up. Ayden started to get really upset so I peeked in to see him sitting in his crib with his head between his legs. I guess in his half asleep state he sat up and did not know how to lay back down! Poor baby! I laid him down and they both went back to sleep. Of course, he did not do it yesterday so I have yet to see how he is getting into the sitting position.

Ayden is showing off his two new teeth!

This was the picture taken right after Ayden got into the sitting position on his own for the first time.

Ashton has been very mobile and rocking for a couple of months now, but just before Christmas started to do a crawl that at least somewhat resembled a military crawl. He would reach out with his right arm and push with his right leg, letting his left arm and leg drag! It was very funny to watch! Overnight he began doing a traditional crawl on Wednesday, December 31st. Since them he has been exploring the entire living room, especially the fireplace! Now we are trying to figure out round #2 of baby proofing!

Now that Ashton is crawling he finds everything left on the floor. As if he didn't have enough toys, he thinks he needs to take Jada's too! Yuck! She's not sure what to think of the boys with all these new changes.

Aunt Vicke and her dog/baby Wilma came to visit us for New Year's and Ashton and Wilma were intriqued by each other!

I am loving this age so much! They change each week and are learning so much! I look forward to one week more than the next anticipating what they will be doing next.

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  1. it sounds like you guys are having fun over there, too!!! So glad you guys were able to get out and have some fun.....

    Also fun to hear about all the milestones your boys are exciting!! I can't imagine not being home to see all of it happen, we are so blessed!!