Thursday, January 15, 2009

Self feeding

We began working on self feeding with "puffs" a few weeks ago. It started slow but the boys both loved it. Last week I began dicing some of their food I prepare, instead of pureeing it. Last week we did peaches, carrots, bread and baked sweet potato fries. The peaches and carrots where a little slimy and hard to hold on to, but the fries and bread went great. So, this week, Ashton thinks he is a pro and that he no longer needs to be fed by spoon! I now have to give him finger foods on his tray and slip the spoon in his mouth in between bites! Because they are NOT pros yet I am still making pureed baby foods, although I have started making them thicker and chunkier. They do great with this type of food also. I guess what it really boils down to is: These boys love their food: boobie, bread, broccoli, bring it on! (Speaking of broccoli - Ayden's poor bum did not agree with broccoli! Neither of the boys have ever really had a diaper rash but the broccoli sure did make Ayden pink! I guess we will wait a while before we try it again!)

Ayden lovin' his diced carrots!

Ashton gettin' down and dirty with peaches, prunes and anything else he could get his hands on!

Ayden and Ashton have started trying to hold hands while eating! So precious!

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