Sunday, January 4, 2009

A real date!!

That's right! Jeff and I went on our first real date since before the boys were born! Friday night Grandma and Poppa Adams happily volunteered to babysit the boys while we went out. I was a little nervous leaving the boys for the first time with someone else to take care of bedtime. But, we really needed a night out, so even though Ayden has had a rough week of teething we decided to go for it. We went to an early dinner downtown at Baxter's Interurban Grill. We each had a great steak dinner and I even splurged and had a margarita! After dinner I had to pump in the car - real romantic huh?! Then we headed down the street to our first visit at the new BOK center to see the Dancing with the Stars tour show. We didn't see a lot of the show this season, we had a few more important things going on, but Jeff had recieved free tickets from work so we didn't complain. It was a great show and it was so nice to get dressed up and not smell like spit up! The boys did great with the grandparents and didn't give them any trouble so, we just might have to do it again soon!
Before the show
Derek Hough!!
Jeff's fav Cheryl Burke

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