Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weaning....the pacificer that is!

We always said we would not have pacifier babies. We don't want 5 year olds still walking around with a pacifier in their mouths. We got some to have in case they "needed" them. Well, we got to a point we thought they needed them, but they would not take them. Ayden never did take to any pacifier (he prefers the "real thing"!). Somewhere around 3 months I bought a new kind that Ashton decided he liked. About 5 months he decided he needed it to go to sleep. By 6 months he was wanting it more often and I quickly wished we would have never tried them at all! So, we started weaning it except for nap time and bedtime. I am now at a point that I feel like we need to take it away. I think it will be easier now than it will be later. Yesterday I put him down for both naps without it. He did not like it, but he did go to sleep! At bedtime I gave it to him because Ayden was already asleep and I did not want Ashton to wake him up. Today he also took both naps without it, again not real happy about it! I was going to put off taking it away at bedtime but I decided we would just go for it. So, he is now asleep at bedtime for the first time in months without the pacifier! I hope he adjusts quickly and he can have the pacifier gone for good by the end of the month!

So long stinky binky!!

Update: Could it really be this easy?! Today... morning nap - no crying, afternoon nap - less than 5 minutes of light fussing, bedtime - nothing!! We may be pacifier free is one week instead of one month!

Update #2: Well, I guess it really was that easy!! It has been a whole week since Ashton has cried for the pacifier. It is so peaceful at night now that both boys go to bed without crying! Believe it or not, Ashton is actually sleeping better now! He use to wake up at least once each night wanting the pacifier and now he never wakes during the night!

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