Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Drip, drip, bubble!?

That is what the boys noses have looked like since the weekend! They both had a clear runny nose this weekend, which we attributed to teething. By the beginning of the week I had a runny nose and sore throat. Now today Jeff has a sore throat as well. Hmmm...maybe the runny noses are not teething related?! They don't seem to have any other symptoms, but the runny noses have turned to snooty noses! I thought it was fake when the boy in the movie The Sandlot blew a bubble of snot from his nose. Let me tell you, it really is possible! I have seen them come from both Ashton and Ayden this week! Trust me, a little snot is not keeping them down!

They always seem to want the same toy lately. I am sure this will not be ending anytime soon!

Ashton is using his new skills! He loves to get into the books.

Ayden is still perfecting his crawling skills. He loves balls.

It has been very cold and icy here so we have not ventured out of the house for awhile. This is what our back porch looked like this afternoon, a day after the ice/sleet/snow mixture quit falling. I am ready for spring to arrive!

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