Thursday, January 22, 2009

9 months already?!

Wow!! Time sure does fly! I can't believe it was nine months ago today that I first laid eyes on my precious baby boys for the first time!

We had a great nine month checkup with the pediatrician yesterday. No shots always equals a good visit in our book! We did find out that the boys both have a little eczema. Nothing major, we just need to apply an over the counter cream. Ashton and Ayden have changed so much in the past few months. They are not only eating solids now, but are also loving finger foods. Both boys are enjoying their new freedom of movement! We are now taking baths in the big bath tub and trying out bath toys. Lately, the boys have both began nursing a lot faster so I am enjoying being able to feed them one at a time more often. The boys have had a major growth spurt causing us to nearly skip size 2 diapers and a lot of 6-9 month clothes are quickly looking very small. I have been using sign language with the boys for about a month now. They can't do the signs back yet but I am hoping it will help with our communication down the road. Ashton and Ayden are becoming much more aware of each other recently. When they do nurse together they often stop and look at each other and laugh! The thing that makes both boys laugh and smile the most is when we put them on top of each other! It is the funniest thing to watch - I should get that on video and post it. Maybe next week! My boys are also both extremely ticklish! I love to hear their silly laughs when I tickle their little thighs, ribs, wherever! During the last month both boys have started to cry/get upset if we take something from them or move them from something they wanted. Of course, we are only doing this to keep them safe but they don't know that yet! I never thought "temper tantrums" would start this early! They are both starting to respond to "no/stop", maybe this will help with this situation. Our boys are now great sleepers! They sleep 12 hours at night (7:30am-7:30pm), and take two naps sleeping between 2-4 hours total.


This boy is a mover! He began scooting very early and is now loving being able to crawl. We are putting up a new baby gate tomorrow to keep him safe! Jeff calls him our "Little Engineer" because he is very intense and seems to always be trying to figure out how things work. During the last week Ashton has learned how to crawl up me, getting into a kneeling position, while I sit on the floor. This is one of those things that just melts my heart! Ashton loves books, playing with them and having them read to him. He literally squeals with excitement while I read! Recently, Ashton has decided he does not need to lay on his back for a diaper change. Therefore, I have had to get creative, or risk a big mess! Ashton learned how to blow raspberries about a month ago but this week it is one of his favorite things to do.

The stats:
Weight-16lbs 15oz. (3%)
Height-28in. (50%)
Head - 46cm (75%)


I think the boy has a future in radio, tv, sportscasting,...something talking! He can talk all day and make all kinds of sounds, but do you think he can say "mama" - of course not! I am happy to report Ayden has become a very happy baby in the last couple of months. He thinks everything and everybody is funny. If you laugh, he laughs too! This week his new thing is too stick his tongue all the way out while laughing! Ayden is also very interested in Ashton. He watches him a lot and tries to hold his hand in the stroller or in their high chairs. Ayden loves to sit. He just started trying to crawl this week because he would rather roll or sit! Ayden has always been a little bit "needy" (ok, so maybe the term "little" is an understatement), but now he is starting to have some separation anxiety when I leave the room. It doesn't happen all the time, hopefully it is just a passing phase. Ayden is such a lover! He loves to cuddle and give kisses!

The stats:
Weight-18lbs 13oz. (25%)
Height-28.5in (65%)
Head-45.5cm (50%)

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