Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spliting them up

Last night I went to my TMOM (Tulsa Moms of Multiples) meeting and I only took Ashton. This was the first time we had ever split up the boys. I choose Ashton because Ayden really needs his sleep and I did not want to mess up his routine. The meeting starts at 6:30 and that is when we usually start baths. I left with Ashton a little after 6:00pm leaving Daddy alone with Ayden for the first time. Jeff also performed his first solo bath while we were away! We all had a great time with no problems! It was a strange feeling to only have one baby! I didn't have to worry about finding a parking place where I could get both doors open all the way, no double stroller to lug out, no juggling babies about and working up a sweat! I guess that sounds nice...but, it really was a little sad! I missed my "Ayden Baby"! I am sure as time goes by that we will do this more, but I am still not ready to be away from my babies too much just yet!

Daddy and Ayden "bachin" it up"!
(No picture of Ashton and I. I never get any pictures because I always seem to be the one taking them!)

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