Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Up, Up...and away?

Ashton learned to pull up this weekend! I knew he was close when I saw him reaching his hand up on the sides of the pack n play the last couple weeks. I have been watching him closely since we still had the pack n play in the bassinet/changing area location. Sunday he woke up from nap and I wanted him to go back to sleep, but I did not want him to wake up Ayden so I put him in the pack n play. I kept checking on him, just in case. After about 15 minutes I found him on his knees with his hands tightly griping the sides! I was so freaked out I didn't even get a picture! Then, just before bedtime I was laying on my side on the floor and Ashton did the same move again on my calf's. I lifted my top leg, just to see what he would do, and he proceeded to climb up onto his feet! I couldn't believe it! He is getting to be such a big boy! Now that he knows what to do he is trying to pull up on everything! It's scary to think that he will be cruising shortly! What happened to my helpless little 5 lb baby!

He pulled up onto the jungle Monday morning. He probably could have gone all the way to his feet but there was a book in his way.

Monday night he pulled up onto his knees on this workbench toy. Then he wanted to get all the way up, but the toy was too low, so he did a push up and went head first over the toy! Next to me, this is his favorite toy to climb on. Now when he pulls up to his knees beside me he think he can just let go! I have to be ready to catch him, his knees are a little wobbly sometimes!

Ashton already hates the baby gate! He tried to figure it out for a few days. Now, he just goes up to it and cries!

Well, off to do more baby proofing!

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  1. What brand/style is that baby gate? I need one that's wide like that to keep the babies out of our kitchen:) Does it open easy?