Friday, January 16, 2009

Bath Time Fun...not so much!

The boys have now outgrown their "baby" bath we use in the kitchen sink. We ordered some new bath seats which arrived today. We were so anxious to use them that Jeff set them up after dinner. We figured there would be some adjustment time, but we were not prepared for the terrorizing screams that only ceased when we took them out of the bathtub! It was TERRIBLE! I felt awful the entire time! We decided to change up our strategy for the next few nights in hopes that they adjust to this new bathtime location.
**update** Things are going much better now and the boys are actually enjoying their new found freedom in the big tub! Now, if I only had a bigger bathroom and bathtub!
Ayden outgrowing the old tub.
Ayden is red from screaming! He cried and chewed on the toy at the same time!
Laid back Ashton in the old tub.
Ashton crying during his bath!

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  1. I had that seat when Caeli was a baby and HATED it. I was always afraid it was going to pinch her legs when her weight would push the seat down plus the back always dug into her back. With Rocco I just fill the tub with an inch or two of water and laid him in the tub. Now he sits up well enough so I just have a cushy bath mat in case he falls over. I know its different with two so I'm not sure if I can offer any really good advice! :)